Our feathered friends

Hungary Part 3

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus, Sedge Warbler.

The song of the Sedge Warbler is varied and never the same.

The song has the purpose of attracting a partner.

Spoonbills, Platalea leucorodia and Ardea cinerea, Blue Heron.

The breeders have a yellow breast patch and a crest in the breeding season.

The breeding birds also have a black bill with a yellow tip.

Spoonbills in company of Great Egrets, Ardea albas .

Pure white Spoonbills are like a painting in the sky.

Oriolus oriolus, although he looks striking yellow, he is hard to find because he is very shy.

Golden Oriole prefers to sit in treetops.

Chlidonias hybrida, Whiskered Tern

His clear white cheeks, contrasting with the black flight feathers is a good feature.

Sterna hirundo has a black cap, orange-red legs, and a narrow pointed bill that can be mostly red with a black tip.

Common Tern has a long fork in the tail.

Chlidonias niger

In spring and early summer the Black Tern has a black head and gradually descending gray plumage on the breast.

Gallinula chloropus

Motacilla alba is a slender bird with a narrow, black-white tail that it constantly moves up and down.

White wagtail

White wagtail juvenile.

Larus ridibundus

Are my eyes bigger than ……….

I am ambitious.

Mayday, I’m going down………


Am I going to make it?

Still going strong. What do you think?

Who says a bird life is easy?

Not always grip for a gigantic lunch.

I told you so, I’m ambitious!

Two Pheasants, Phasianus colchicus, in a feint fight for the females.

The male is often accompanied by a harem of several females.

Aythya ferina

Common Pochard

Erithacus rubecula

Sitta europaea, Nuthatch, can climb the trees up as well as down.

Sylvia atricapilla, Blackcap

Streptopelia turtur, Turtle Dove, may be recognised by its black-and-white-striped patch on the side of its neck.

Streptopelia turtur

According to the State of Europe's Common Birds 2007 report, the European Turtle Dove population in Europe has fallen by 62% in recent times.

Aythya nyroca, near threatened.

Ferruginous Duck

Tringa nebularia, Common Greenshank.

Like most waders, it feeds on small invertebrates, but also with small fish.

Ardeola ralloides

Squacco Heron inhabits wetlands.

With preference for freshwaters and lots of vegetation.

It is a stocky heron, with a short neck, short thick bill and brownish color back.

It has good camouflage colors.

Its diet consists of insects, amphibians and fish.

The Squacco Heron is a migrant, wintering in Africa.

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