procurement. import of goods or services for their benefit  Processing – preserving. grading.Producer Companies  Producer company – 581 A (l)  Body corporate having objects or activities specified in S 581 B and registered as Producer Company under this Act  Objects of Producer Company – 581 B (1)  Production. selling. pooling. equipment. drying. packaging of produce  Manufacture. distilling. sale or supply of machinery. brewing vinting. marketing. handling. harvesting. export of primary produce. consumable  Providing education to members on mutual . canning.

transmission and distribution of power. activities to promote interests  Generation. extending credit facilities to the members etc . processing. marketing. training and research. consultancy services.Producer Companies  Rendering technical services. conservation and communication relatable PP  Insurance of producers or their PP  Promoting techniques of mutuality and mutual assistance  Welfare measures and facilities  Activities which are ancillary or incidental to any of the above  Financing of procurement. revitalization of land and water resources.

handicraft and other cottage industries  Products and byproducts of such products  Products resulting from an ancillary activities  Any activity which is intended to increase the production of anything or improve the quality thereof . or any other primary activity or service which promotes the interests of the farmers or consumers  Produce of persons engaged in handloom.Producer Companies  Primary produce – 581 A (j)  Produce of farmers arising from agriculture. revegitation.

producer companies as its member whether incorporated or not to promote the objectives stated in 581 B  Formation of Producer Company and registration  10 or more individuals who are producers or two or more prouder institutions or combination of ten or more individuals and producer institutions forming an incorporated company  Filing of application with the Registrar of producer companies  Documents : MoA and AoA .Producer Companies  Producer Institutions – 581 A (m)  Producer company or institution having only producer or producers.

Producer Companies  Liability – limited liability  Producer company shall reimburse the expenditure incurred by the promoters after incorporation  On registration. the producer company shall become corporate body  It will be a private company  It will be never considered as a public company  Membership – 581 D (1) Individual members – single vote for every member  Producer Institutions – based on the participation in the business in the previous year  In case of combination – single vote for every member  Member having conflicting interest shall cease to be a member  .

Producer Companies    Memorandum of Association – 581 F Articles of Association – 581 G Amendment of Memorandum – 581 H     By special resolution and not consistent with the objectives stated in 581 B Special resolution certified by the two directors filed with the RoC within 30 days Registrar shall record the changes Alteration relating the registered office shall not effect unless permitted by the CLB Proposed by 2/3rd of elected directors or 1/3rd of members Adoption by special resolution Filing with registrar within 30 days  Amendments to Articles    .