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Tourism in my country


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Verag uas, the land of

The Minor Basilica San Miguel Arcangel is a beautiful church.


Santa Fe is a cool place in Veraguas.


Many tourists visit the famous Santa Catalina beach.


There are colorful macaws in this attractive island.The Coiba National Park There are many beautiful whales and dolphins at the Coiba island. 2/16/13 .

Coclé. the land of the salt and sugar 2/16/13 .

Cabuya… 2/16/13 .There are colorful orchids in The Anton Valley. Santa Rita.

Many people visit Anton during the festivity of the Esquipulas Christ. 2/16/13 .

Decameron… 2/16/13 .There are modern hotels such as: the Buenaventura Hotel. Playa Blanca.

2/16/13 . is found in the Anton Valley.The golden frog. a species in danger of extinction.

“las Yayas” Stream 2/16/13 .

Many tourists visit the Sleeping Princess in The Anton Valley 2/16/13 .

Where is the Zaratí River? 2/16/13 .

There are big saltworks in Aguadulce 2/16/13 .

This is the famous “Nispero” in The Anton Valley 2/16/13 .

Chiriq uí 2/16/13 .

The Baru Volcano is admired by many visitors. 2/16/13 .

This is the famous Tico Panamanian border 2/16/13 .

2/16/13 .The Chorcha Stream is a wonderful place to visit in Chiriqui.

Cerro Punta is a very cool place. People grow delicious fruits such as: strawberries. blueberries… 2/16/13 .

2/16/13 . People from Chiriqui believe that this place was founded by the Mayan Civilization.Barriles Site.

Darien. 2/16/13 . home of the Harpy Eagle.

Darien National Park It is the largest national park in Panama 2/16/13 .

450 species of birds have been recorded in Darien including endangered species 2/16/13 .

Tuira River. the largest river in Panama 2/16/13 .

Chucunaque River Its name means “God of the Rivers” 2/16/13 .

2/16/13 .Bocas del Toro A place where the seafood is deliciou s.

.Bastimentos Island is one of the seven major islands. 2/16/13 This region has all the elements required by a Caribbean fantasy: Perfect white sand beaches. wonderful coconut and palm trees.

Bird Island or Swan’s Cay Island It is a beautiful tropical island 2/16/13 .

There are wonderful species in this province 2/16/13 .

Banana Plantations in Bocas del Toro 2/16/13 .

Col ón 2/16/13 .

Portobelo.a wonderful paradise in Colon 2/16/13 .

This is the famous Portobelo church 2/16/13 .

2/16/13 .The Chagres River : other natural wonder in Colon.

Herrera The Zarigua national park 2/16/13 .

The Santa Maria River 2/16/13 .

It is a festival celebrated in Ocu 2/16/13 .

Los Santos 2/16/13 .

It was the home where Porras was born in 1856 2/16/13 .The Belisario Porras Museum in Las Tablas.

Iguana Island It is located in Pedasí. one hour from the district of 2/16/13 Las Tablas .

La Garita Beach 2/16/13 .

Panama 2/16/13 .

Old Panama Who destroyed this city? 2/16/13 .

The Amador Causeway (Calzada de Amador) It is an attractive place for tourists. 2/16/13 .

Las Bovedas 2/16/13 .

Las bovedas . plaza de Francia 2/16/13 .

Indigenous 2/16/13 .

2/16/13 .

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