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A staircase is the conventional means of access between floors in a building.

Tread - the horizontal upper surface of a step, where the foot is placed. Nosing - the exposed edge of the tread usually projecting and rounded.


- the vertical portion of a step.


- a level platform at the top of a flight between floors. The width of a landing should be the minimum width of the stairs. Balusters - the vertical poles joined to the edge of the steps , mainly to prevent children from falling. Formula - to arrive at the optimum rise, which takes the least energy, the following formula can be applied; 2R + T = 25 (International) 2R + T(including nosing) = 23 (for Sri Lankans) Head room should be 7 (minimum) from the top of the riser.

Types of stairs
Straight flight staircase Quarter turn stairs and dog leg stairs Circular and spiral stairs

Quarter turn and dog leg stairs

Place Tread Riser Calculations Remarks

Chamila samarakkodi freshome

Circular and spiral stairs

Place Tread Riser Calculations Remarks

Light house Galle

Sigiriya stairs


A spiral staircase that goes up nine stories in a home that has a rich amount of history, which this astonishing massive home is known as Castillo del Lago. In 1926, the impressive mansion found in Hollywood Hills, was designed by a man named John De Lario and was built for the famous oilman Patrick Logan. Castillo del Lago has a spectacular 300 degree view of the vistas of Lake Hollywood and of Los Angeles, California. Especially a home that is reported to be nine stories high. This very home has been around since 1926 when it was built up to now and still stands. It is definitely a site to behold and is a great piece of history that started in the famous residential area of Hollywood Hills.

Stairway to heaven
In psychological terms, the term Stairway to Heaven is a form of collection of beliefs that the mind perceives as to what each part of the stairs represents. For example, if a person is at the top of the stairs, it would represent that they had done good with their life and have achieved their goals and dreams come true. If the person is seen at the bottom of the stairs, it is believed to represent that the person has dropped in life fulfillment and are at their lowest point. One of the fascinating things about Tianmen National Park is that it is located in Zhangjiajie City, China. The stairs itself lead gradually up to a very astonishing natural formation not usually seen in many areas. Within that rock formation is a famous cave that many visit while at the park. The cave is named Tianmen Cave and in 1999 became one of most popular sites for many attractions. In that year a famous acrobatic show used three planes to fly through the area which must have been something awesome to see for yourself. The cave itself is supposedly only some really big open area but the people claim it to be an actual cave. Though the cave is also very famous for it is one of only a select few that reside at such a high attitude.

THE IMPOSSIBLE STAIRCASE This steel staircase sculpture titled "Umschreibung" is a wonderful piece of art designed by Olafur Eliasson. This beautiful merging of art and architecture is a 9 meter-high walk-double spiral of steel in the entrance of the KPMG ( a global accounting firm ) office building in Munich, German

This unique staircase will be great for your home. Designed by Philip Watts, this staircase has sculptural design with structure that shaped like our backbone and colored in metallic. In some place Philip Watts add a melt metal effect that give an impression of fresh crafted structure. It looks modern with its shiny effect of chromed effect. This staircase has glass and timber details with a combination of weathered brick wall for the background, make it looks more interesting. You must install this staircase to make your guest amazed.

Mechanical ramps Roberto Ercilla in Spain

We went to the global headquarters of CNN in Atlanta. It is the largest of the networks 48 bureaus worldwide. Besides being the largest CNN bureau, it also houses the worlds longest unsupported escalator.

Ocean Park Escallator

Ocean Park Escalator is the second longest outdoor escalator in the world with a total length of approximately 225 meters after the Central Mid Levels also in Hong Kong. It has a vertical climb of approximately 100 meters. The escalator at Central Mid Levels is approximately 800 meters long! Ocean Park escalator is covered all the way and consists of four escalators.

The Aurora Office Building in Taipei, Taiwan

Germany, Mercedes-Benz Exhibition Buildings elevator.

G1 Tower being built by Hitachi in Hitachinaka City, in Japan

Travelator Transporting Golfers in Germany