BP Management Planning Presentation

Vernon Daniels Jr. February 4, 2013 MGT/230 Sherry Perinovic

ethics and corporate responsibility have on British Petroleum (BP)  Factors that influence the strategic. operational.Overview  Planning function of management  Influence that legal issues. and contingency planning . tactical.

The Planning Function of Management The Planning Process .

The Planning Function of Management  Board  of Directors Management Managers Identify Strategic Goals Develop Tactical Plans Create Operational Plans  Upper   Department  .

Strategic Goals  To  To  To Rebuilding of Public Trust Improve Global Environmental Image Increase Stock Value .

The Planning Process  Tactical goal      plans must be created for each We must Identify the plan Identify and assess alternatives to the plan Develop the plan Implement the plan Monitor and Control .

Influences on Management Planning .

Influences on Management Planning  Legal  Issues Issues Backlash from Gulf Spill in Middle East Environmental protection. ocean health and sea life  Ethics   Corporate  Social Responsibility Building positive image through responsible practices .

Factors Influencing BP’s Planning .

External and Internal Factors That Influence Planning  Globalization  Technology  Innovation  Ethics .

Conclusion Questions? .

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