English in Medicine

Tridjoko Hadianto

The content will be structured according to how English terminologies deal with patients: taking a history.Introduction  This lecture introduces how to communicate (in English) with those involved in delivering and receiving care.  investigation.  .  examining a patient.  diagnosis and treatment.

Sakit (Indonesia) English  Sickness  Illness  Sore  Pain  Trouble  Disease .

Sakit kepala      Head-ache Migraine Confuse Angry Frustration .

Blue baby    Blue = biru Baby = bayi A newborn infant whose unoxygenated blood is shunted to the arterial side of the heart (patent foramen ovale) .

Common cold   Common Cold = biasa = dingin  Common cold = coryza (selesma. pilek) .

Abortion   Abort = menggagalkan (gagal. gugur) Abortion = in strictly medical language. . means the interruption of a pregnancy (pengguguran kandungan).

Angina pectoris  A chest pain resulting from temporary difficulty in the coronary arteries (insuffisient oxygen supply to hearth muscle). .

Fishbein’s illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia. is characteristic of certain disease or disorder. when considered together. USA. Inc.Syndrome  A group of symptoms and signs which. Stuttman Co.  . 1978.

Summary  Communication skills (in English) play a major role to improve the outcome of care and patient satisfaction .

. 1978. .Refertence Fishbein. USA. Stuttman Co. Inc. Fishbein’s illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia.

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