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Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

INSTAPA Improved Nutrition through STAPle foods in Africa

Inge D Brouwer Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University

Novel staple food-based strategies to improve

micronutrient status for better health in Africa

Grain yield Mean Fe/Zn content of Variety Fe (ppm) Zn (ppm) (g/m2) sorghum varieties Gamo* 39.8 19.3 195 Fada* 39.7 18.4 197 Mona* 38.9 20.7 227 18.9 Hybrids cover the entire range from low to high Fe/Zn Yougo* 37.4 194 contents Lata 37.1 19.1 173 20.7 Hybrids did not significantly exceed Tieble (local Tieble 37.0 167 variety) Mara* 36.8 17.6 for Fe/Zn contents 200 Fe/Zn content still far from desirable levels Massa* 34.7 17.7 214 Tokotigui 32.6 20.3 Conventional153 selection & breeding cannot fill the gab Sawaba 31.3 149 18.4 varieties with low Fe/Zn and high yield be Should released and 149 disseminated? Tanko 31.2 18.9 Yebele 31.1 20.1 136 Yamba 31.1 17.9 155 Wanti 30.5 18.1 159 Sewa* 29.5 16.5 218 Sigui kumbe* 27.6 14.2 201
31 January 2013

Inge D. Brouwer

Improvement of traditional dishes increased Zn, Fe and vitamin A content Bioavailability of Fe and Zn No difference between in quantity consumed by children Need for proof of principle

22-26 June 2009

Inge D. Brouwer

Edible root crop Extremely drought resistant Carbohydrates, calcium Staple food for 70 mln people

Yellow varieties from Amazon Introduction in Africa by IITA, Nigeria Crop cycle: 10-12 mo 11 varieties selected (7 12 ppm -carotene)
Inge D. Brouwer

31 January 2013

Acceptability: sensory and cultural

Discrimination test

Difference in taste Preference for yellow cassava Reasons:

Preference test

attractive colour sweet taste soft texture

Cultural acceptability:

100% intention to consume Health knowledge and worries on colour, taste, texture and bitterness
Inge D. Brouwer

Proof of principle: efficacy trial

18 weeks (112 days)

Schoolchildren with Vitamin A deficiency

Cassava consumed (gram)


Yellow cassava + placebo

-carotene in cassava (g/100 gr) -carotene intake (g/day)

394 202 (45-73% EAR)

White cassava + placebo

Cassava consumed (gram) -carotene intake (g/day)


5 (1-2% EAR)

White cassava + beta-carotene supplement

Cassava consumed (gram) -carotene in supplement (g) -carotene intake (g/day)


200 205 (46-75% EAR)

Euronews documentary on INstapa

31 January 2013

Inge D. Brouwer


UNK, Kenya:

Eva Weltzien, Marjolein Smit, Vera Lugutuah Bussie Maizya, Norbert Maroya Joseph Kamau, Erick Boy, Howarth Bouis

Alice Mwangi, Gloria Mbera Romain Dossa (), Evariste Mitchikpe

IITA, Nigeria:

UAC, Benin:

KARI, Kenya:

WU, Netherlands:

Elise Talsma, Alida Melse, Hans Verhoef, Lucy Elburg


The project was realized in the framework of INSTAPA Project, funded by the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013] under grant agreement nr 211484

31 January 2013

Inge D. Brouwer