Bio-Gas Generation through Waste management


Inspiration  Recent Govt.Policy changes in terms of cooking Gas  Increasing Health Issues due to non proper disposal of Waste  Reduce carbon footprints .

Municipal Solid Waste. Industrial wastes(Saw dust. waste food materials) etc. . Domestic wastes (Vegetable peels. Plant wastes ( Husk. 2. Poultry wastes. wastes from food processing industries).Idea Production of bio-gas on large scale by using waste as raw material such as 1. 4. weeds etc.). grass. 5. 3.

4. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). Informal and Formal Recycling 2. 5. Small Scale Biomethanation. Present Systems and techniques available to materialize the idea 1. . Landfill Mining (or Bioremediation. which effects on public health and the environment.Justification This idea is based on the present status of waste management in India. 3. and the prospects of introducing improved means of disposing municipal solid waste (MSW) in India. Aerobic Composting and Mechanical Biological Treatment. Waste-to-Energy Combustion (WTE) 6.

Source statistics .

polluting The slurry is periodically removed and used as excellent manure which is rich in nitrogen and phosphorous  Economical  Can be supplied through pipe lines  Burns readily .Uses of Bio Gas & Its Advantages As domestic fuel For street lighting For generation of electricity for household purposes Clean and excellent fuel containing upto 75% methane No residue produced No smoke produced Non .has a convenient ignition temperature         .

or waste disposal systems.Challenges  Initial cost of installation of the plant being high. production. This has to fit into existing farming-. . and     is beyond the reach of an average rural Indian Absence of separation of waste from source Unsanctioned Open Dumping Problems Biogas technology is not a universally accepted technology such as the transistor radio.

Suggestions  Create awareness among the public that waste management is not only the job Municipalities  Encourage corporates by giving tax advantages for taking initiatives in waste management  Create cooperative societies and provide govt aid .

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