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<Project Name>
February 18, 2009
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Executive Summary Contract Summary Financial Summary Delivery Summary Project Milestone Schedule Headcount Indicator Technical Risks and Issues Risk Management Plan

Project Profile
Project Project

code: <AAA999> name: <Project Name> Client name: <Client Name> Project class: <Class III>  Total person days: <85,390 (Consult)> <1,000 Subcontractor>  Complexity factor: <30-35> Percent complete: <20 percent> Date of last audit: <Date> Delivery Director: <Director’s Name>
Current contract value: Contract Breakdown:

<Contract Dollar Value> <FP, PD,etc> SI (Office, IO) <$5M> Hardware < $1M> Software <$500K> Subcontractor <$100k> Expense Recovery <$50K> Outsourcing < $10K> Other <$5K>

Section 1: Executive Summary

High level description of the project.

Current Phase of the project is:

Key Activities currently in progress include:


The next major project milestone is …..

Section 2: Contract Summary
   

 

Contract type: XYZ> Contract status: Maximum liability: Performance Guarantees: guarantees, etc> Payment terms: Contract review:

<Prime or Sub> <Name of Prime if not <Contract Status> <Contract legal and financial liability>. <List response time <Terms>
<Date> Legal Executive Sales

Last Date Reviewed: Review Participants: Q&DO

Delivery √


Section 3: Financial Summary to <Date>
Financial tracking is maintained by ProTrack <or equivalent>. Services revenue calculations are based on a rate of <billing multiple>. If ProTrack used present the Status Reports and Cash Flow and Interest Reports instead of this page.  Total Contract value is <$…..> <Includes all CR’s approved>  Initial Contingency is <$…>, <..%>  Estimate to complete is <$…..>  Revenue recognized (actuals) is <$…..>  Current outstanding WIP is <$…..>.  Current outstanding A/R is <$…..>.  Current DSO is < _ Days>.  Current Holdback is <$…..>.  Current Deferred Revenue is <$…..>.  <Corporate reserve of $….. applied?>.

Net Revenue
FY 97 (‘000)
14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0
-9 7 -9 7 -9 7



-9 7

-9 7

r a M

n a J

l u J

y a M

v o N

p e S

-9 7

Contribution Margin
FY 97
9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0
n a J 7 9 r a M 7 9 y a M 7 9




-9 7

p e S 7 9

l u J

v o N 7 9



40% 20% 0% -20% -40% -60% -80%

Feb-97 Mar-97 Apr-97 May-97 Jun-97 Jul-97 Aug-97 Sep-97 Oct-97 Nov-97 Dec-97

Net Rate of Return

Original Revised

Order Status
<Project Name>

Status of Change Request <No.> approved <No.> in progress <No.> rejected or canceled <No.> Total

<Notes about Change Order Status>

Total Current Contract Value <$…..>

Original contract value <$…..>

Section 4: Delivery Summary

<Example: Project Planning, Tracking and Reporting are done using the Microsoft Project Tools. Earned Value Reporting method required by contract and implemented using the Project Management tool.> <Example: Delivery Status: Through April 28, 1996 the project has a negative schedule variance of 417 days, or 41 schedule days. <Example: Quality Plan: Documented and Accepted by Client.> <Example: Project Review: Last Project Review was February 1996.> <Explain how the following packages are used in your project>  Project Planner  Action Item Manager  Workbench

  

Section 5: Project Milestone Schedule
Actual vs Plan
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999

Contract Award System Design Review (SDR) Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Detailed Design Review (DDR) Test Readiness Review (TRR) Beta Site End of Implementation

9-Jan 7-Jul 15-Sep 26-Apr 16-Oct 18-Oct 9-Jan 30-Aug 9-Jan 30-Dec 9-Oct 30-Dec 30-Aug

Baseline Data - Current Contract Current Schedule - June 28, 1996 Proposed Solution

Section 6: Headcount Indicator


< Example: Headcount targets reflect number of person months required to accomplish scheduled tasks to meet project milestones in baseline. Actuals reflect the number of persons on the project for each month.>

150 125 100 75 50 25
Feb-96 Mar-96

Headcount Distribution









q q q

136 116 15%

Aug Target Aug Actual = Variance =


Subcontractor Usage 18%



Section 7: Technical Risks

Risk: <Example: A COTS package is being evaluated as the Revised Solution to deliver the Business Application Software (BAS) for this project. Delivery and technical risks are unknown as the COTS fit analysis has, to date, concentrated on a high level evaluation of the functional capability of the product.> Action: <Example: High level analysis has commenced to determine the delivery and technical (including cost) solution and risks.

Section 8: Risk Management Plan

Risk: <Example: The work performed to find an off-the-shelf application solution was not in the scope of the original contract; valued at approximately $4.5M. This work has now been completed.> Action: <Example: Negotiate recovery of costs under the revised payment schedule. New processes have been put in place to maintain scope control.> Risk: < > > Action: <

 

Thank you
Privileged &  Confidential

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