Retailing Revolution in India

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Prateek Rathore and Sreenath V

India’s GDP. 10% .INTRODUCTION       India is fifth most attractive emerging retail market: a potential goldmine.employment Potentiality to grow 427 billion $ by 2010 and 637 billion $ by 2015. . Growth rate – 20-25% 8% . Indian retail is largest among all industries(200 billion $).

INTRODUCTION CONTD…. RETAIL FORMATS IN INDIA  Malls  Speciality stores  Discount stores  Department stores  Hypermarts / Supermarts  Convenience stores  Multi brand outlets .

In home Selling. 1. Mobile Retailers.Telemarketing.INTRODUCTION CONTD…. Specialty Stores 5.Discount stores. 3. 3. 2.Co-op stores.Sahakari Bhandars. 4.Super Market. Convenience 4. 1. 2. Types of Retailers Small/ Medium Size Retailer Large scale Retailers Consumer Co-op Stores Direct Mktg/Channel less Retailing 1. 1.Mail Order sale.Departmental Stores. (Combination Stores. Hawkers.Manufacturer’s stores.Hypermarkets) .Super stores. Showroom 3. 2 .Vending Machine 2.

Levi’s  . Benetton. Reebok. Lifestyle McDonalds. predominantly in textile vertical Charagh Din. Bombay Dyeing 1990 – 2005 Emergence of Lifestyle retailing Pantaloons. Nike.The journey so far…  Pre 1990 Few players. Raymonds. Shopper’s Stop. Adidas.

Bharti Metro AG.2005 – 2012 Tata. Aditya Birla. Tesco. Zara 2012 Armani. Gucci  . Hypercity. Max Retail. Reliance. Carrefour. Versace.


Era of government support for rural retail: Indigenous franchise model of store chains run by Khadi & Village Industries Commission 1980s experienced slow change as India began to open up economy. Raymond's.GROWTH OF RETAIL IN INDIA CONTD… INDUSTRY REVOLUTION     Retailing in India can be traced to emergence of the neighborhood "Kirana " stores catering to the convenience of the consumers. S Kumar's and Grasim first saw the emergence of retail chains . Textiles sector with companies like Bombay Dyeing.

Crossword and Fountainhead in books.Value. . Planet M and Music World in music. Food World. Subhiksha and Nilgiris in food and FMCG.g. Variety and Volume.GROWTH OF RETAIL IN INDIA CONTD…      1990s saw a fresh wave of entrants with a shift from Manufactures to Pure Retailers. For e. Targeted to provide a complete destination experience for all segments of society Emergence of hyper and super markets trying to provide customer with 3 V’s . Post 1995 onwards saw an emergence of shopping centers.

GROWTH OF RETAIL IN INDIA CONTD… FACTORS FOR GROWTH OF ORGANISED RETAIL SECTOR          Growth of Indian Economy: Second fastest Emerging opportunities in service sector Capital no longer a constraint – easy loans Increase in the young working population Increasing working women population Hefty pay pockets Nuclear families in urban areas Changing Cultural Habits Middle class dwelling revamped .

..  Multiple drivers leading to a consumption boom:  Favorable demographics    Growth in income Increasing population of working women Raising aspirations: Value added goods sales .CONTD .

 Rural markets emerging as a huge opportunity for retailers reflected in the share of the rural market across most categories of consumption  ITC is experimenting with retailing through its e-Choupal and Choupal Sagar rural hypermarkets.CONTD.  . HLL is using its Project Shakti initiative leveraging women self-help groups to explore the rural market...


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