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Friend or Foe: What Your Facebook Profile Says About You

Diversity College
Laura Bickert Kelly Ferguson Leigh Fine Emily Smith

Why Now?!?
Todays students are technologically savvy and turn to online communication to form relationships. These interactions have positive and negative implications, and is no exception. has recently impacted the Diversity College campus community in a negative manner.

Action Plan
As a response to recent events on campus, our community has developed a lesson plan for an orientation program and an online tutorial that will be required for all incoming students.

What Your Facebook Profile Says About You

The purpose of this program is to educate incoming students about Facebook, a popular online community. The program will address the positive aspects of Facebook, raise awareness of its dangers, and provide helpful tips about preventing those dangers.

Friend or Foe:

The program will occur during a rotating August orientation program with approximately 800 students per session, lasting no longer than 1.5 hours per session.

What Your Facebook Profile Says About You OBJECTIVES

Students will be formally introduced to from the institutions perspective. Educate students on the safe utilization of an online community. Raising student awareness about the advantages and dangers of using Students will learn campus policies regarding responsible computing. Students will learn peer perspectives on Diversity Colleges culture.

Friend or Foe:

What Your Facebook Profile Says About You

What Youll Need: Laptop and projector to show PowerPoint presentation Explain, including its history rapid growth across college campuses, features added to enhance the online community, and other uses (Residence Life)

Friend or Foe:

Refer to possible scenarios and ask the audience if they think it could happen (Campus Police)
Goal: Help the students overcome the this wont happen to me mentality Use scenarios to point out advantages and disadvantages of being a member of an online community (Residence Life)

Talk about Diversity Colleges campus culture related to (student Orientation leaders)
Show the students how to navigate the website responsibly, including privacy settings and content of information for a profile (IT staff)

What is the

An online directory that connects people through social networks at schools (, 2006) Part huge chat room, part diary, and part dating service, the Facebook site allows college students to post their photos and tell about themselves sometimes too much (Messenger, 2005) Launched in February 2004 for college students Launched in September 2005 for high school students More than 9.4 million users, estimated 85% of colleges are members Exists at more than 2,000 colleges Features: make friends, keep in touch and reconnect with friends, personal message boards or walls, poke other people, join groups, post photos, connections through classes - study groups, advertise parties and events, view the campus Pulse

Scenarios: Could this REALLY happen?

A freshman reported that some of her female friends had unwanted male visitors show up at their dorm rooms after posting personal information on Facebook A graduating senior lost a job due to her Facebook account contradicting some of her answers from an interview and information on her resume A student said, Sometimes Ill sign-off Facebook and just stare at the login screen like a cocaine addict looking at the edge of his coffee table, thinking to myself, Well, Ive really got nothing better to do right now, and then I sign right back on

YES: Buckman, 2005.

YES: Montermini, 2005.

YES: Benner, 2005.

Advantages of
Reach a large portion of the campus community about upcoming programs and services on or off campus (boost event attendance) Contact classmates for study groups Good marketing or recruitment tool for jobs and organizations Very inexpensive! Students, alumni, peers, and professionals can keep in touch Share information about themselves - interests, organizations, etc.

Networking Opportunity Self-expression

Increased ease of communication

Dangers of
Stalking and Identity Theft False sense of security
Easy to access information about: class schedules, job location, room or apartment location, cell phone number

Addiction and procrastination Advertise inappropriate behavior and events

Many people can obtain .edu email accounts other than students

Portray a negative image of self or group

Opportunities for underage drinking, illegal drug use, etc. Show group drinking or using illegal drugs Joining a group about illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol, demonstrating apathy - dont join something you wouldnt be proud to tell your parents about

Diversity College Culture

Post messages on walls instead of personally interacting Spending hours on Greek events Campus activities - movies, speakers, lecture series Advertises parties as high risk drinking venues Compilation of campus entertainment interests

Types of Parties and Events

Campus Pulse

Tips for Using

Limit your time spent on Dont update your profile too often
You will draw attention to your profile You may be spending too much time on

Be careful of the information youre making available to others

Be aware of the image you portray when joining groups as well as posting pictures and messages Dont accept people as friends if you dont know them

Adjust privacy settings

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment will begin after the August orientation session Judicial violations involving will be brought to the administrations attention and will be measured quantitatively with previous years violations This assessment will continue in future years to gauge the impact of the August orientation session As part of the orientation assessment, an online evaluation form will be done at the end of the session to give direct feedback to the committee to improve the program every year

Orientation Evaluation
Diversity College Orientation Evaluation
By attending this session, I Learned something about Diversity College Learned something about the topic Believe it will help me adjust to college
Strongly Agree Agree Strongly Neutral Disagree Disagree

5 5 5

4 4 4

3 3 3

2 2 2

1 1 1

The most helpful part of the session was:

The least helpful part of the session was:

Suggestions for the program:

2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Online Tutorial: Topics to Include

Security Presenting a positive image Who has access? Privacy settings Groups Positive aspects Connections to other sources (webpages, blogs, etc.) Adding friends Read Terms of Use

Online Tutorial
Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
Welcome to an online tutorial for your use of! Passing this tutorial is a requirement for all incoming Diversity College students before they are permitted access to our campus network resources. is a website that has grown in popularity as of late with students on college campuses across the nation. It is a powerful tool that allows you to: Post information about yourself and your interests; Network with others by confirming them as friends using; Meet others with similar interests or the same classes using a search feature; Post your class schedule to share information with professors or classmates; Post pictures of you and your friends to share with others on;

Join groups to share common interests with others.

Of course, with the use of this public website comes great responsibility. As a student of Diversity College, you are creating a profile that will reflect on you as a person - as well as our institution. Therefore, this tutorial is meant to teach you about some of the features of and how you can go about navigating the site safely and appropriately. At the end of the tutorial, a 20-question quiz will be administered. You will have to answer 16, or 80%, of the questions correctly to obtain a passing score. If you fail to do so, you will have to repeat the quiz until you receive a passing grade. It is important to pay attention to the information presented and be prepared to take the quiz.

Online Tutorial
If you have any questions, please contact Leigh Fine, Director of Information Technology, at 555-4444, or a computer lab administrator. Click the Continue button below to proceed. GO RAINBOWS! Click the Continue Button Below to Start the Tutorial. Continue >>

The Diversity College Committee:

Laura Bickert President Diversity College

Kelly Ferguson Dean of Students Diversity College

Leigh Fine Director of IT Diversity College

Emily Smith Chief of Campus Police Diversity College

2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Online Tutorial
Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial

What is
Facebook ( is an online resource to facilitate student connection. o NOTE: ANYONE with an email account from a college supported by the can sign up on the site, including professors and administrators Facebook allows you to view public profiles of students on the at your school with public profiles or students from other schools who have listed you as a friend, join groups to stay connected with those with similar interests, and list class schedules to network with those in your courses. You can also search for people or groups, as well as post digital photographs for your friends to view. Click the Continue button below to proceed. Continue >>
2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Online Tutorial
Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
Before you use
There are several things to keep in mind. You agree not to: violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material; harvest or collect email addresses or other contact information of members from the website by electronic or other means for the purposes of sending unsolicited emails or other unsolicited communications; use automated scripts to collect information from the website or for any other purpose; upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or other objectionable; impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity;

Online Tutorial
upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation; upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; intimidate or harass another; use or attempt to use anothers account, service or system without authorization from website, or create a false identity on this website. (, 2006). o NOTE: Doing so may result in a loss of your membership. Click the Continue button below to proceed. If you wish to go to the previous page, click the Back button below. << Back Continue >>

2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Online Tutorial
Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial Creating a Profile: Things to Remember
You have the ability to post a great deal of information on your profile. Be aware: is a PUBLIC site, accessible to anyone with an account, including (but not limited to) professors, parents, future employers, friends, enemies, college administrators, or significant others. If you do not want EVERYONE in those aforementioned groups to have your cell phone number, for instance - DONT POST IT! Membership in groups and what you decide to post on your profile also reflects on the type of person you are and the type of people you associate with. Others may form preconceived notions about what kind of person you are based solely on what they read from your profile. If you link to other websites in your profile, be aware that those sites, too, are reflective of you and your character. allows you to post pictures of others - but also allows others to post pictures of you. Even if you are careful about what pictures you post of yourself, be cautious and check what pictures others have posted of you! Certain pictures could call your character into question.

Online Tutorial
You can control who can search for and view your profile using the Facebooks privacy settings. The default settings allow anyone at your institution who is registered on to see your profile - so be aware. Be sure to follow the Facebooks instructions and Terms of Use when creating a profile.

Click the Continue button below to proceed. If you wish to go to the previous page, click the Back button below. << Back Continue >>

2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Online Tutorial
Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
What can happen if I violate these terms? shuts down your profile Loss of campus computing privileges Campus judicial action Local, state, or federal judicial action This concludes the tutorial. Click the Take the Quiz button below to proceed. If you wish to go to the previous page, click the Back button below. << Back Take the Quiz >>

2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
Complete each multiple choice question by selecting the response that best answers the question. A score of 16, or 80%, is necessary to pass the quiz and be allowed to access the campus network. 1. What can be used for? Find people in your classes Find people in your residence halls

Join groups of those with similar interests

All of the above 2. On default privacy settings, who can see your profile? Everyone on Everyone from your institution on Everyone Only the people in your classes

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
3. Which of the following from your institution might have a profile - and, therefore, could search for your profile under default privacy settings? Your friends Your RA Your institutions president All of the above
4. Which of the following is an inappropriate use of Finding someone in your class who can help you with homework Sending message to your significant other Listing yourself as Martha Stewart in your profile

Posting pictures of the Statue of Liberty

5. Others can post pictures of you on without your permission. True False 6. You may post an MP3 from your Spice Girls CD of Wannabe on your site for your friends to download. True False

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
7. Which of the following can happen if you violate the terms of use? Loss of membership Loss of campus computing privileges Campus judicial action All of the above 8. You are eighteen years of age, and just took a job in the Admissions Office. Your supervisor logged onto and saw a picture of you drinking alcohol at a party. Legally, your supervisor can fire you for seeing this picture. True False

9. Which of the following could potentially have access to your phone number if you post it in your profile, under default privacy settings?
Your friends Your professor The person in your class who has an unhealthy crush on you All of the above

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
10. Posting your class schedule Allows others to link pictures to your profile Could let thieves know when you might be away from your room Allow others to copy your homework Registers you for those classes 11. To protect yourself and your privacy, before you accept someone as your friend on Check their profile to see if theyre single Consider how they might feel if you reject them Make sure you know them personally Check if your friends are friends with them 12. is a private site owned by your institution. True False 13. You can change your privacy settings so People without a profile can find your profile Only your friends can see your profile Anyone at your institution can see your profile Only people not at your institution can search for you

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
14. You can advertise on Through message spam In your profile to sell your new invention By paying the site through its third-party advertising system By using a program to collect others email addresses 15. You can access Only from on-campus computer labs Only from a computer linked to the campus network From any computer with internet access None of the above 16. Your professor has the ability to use to post class information. True False 17. Which of the following is an inappropriate use of Creating a group called We Hate Alex Creating a group called Diversity Hall Rocks! Creating a group called Math Majors are Math-tastic Creating a group called We Hate Algebra

Diversity College Safety and Use Tutorial
18. Your friend from a different institution can see your profile At will.

Only after youve confirmed him/her as a friend on

Never. Only people from your institution can see your profile. Automatically. 19. Which of the following can be posted on a profile? Pornographic images. Copyrighted music. Pictures of you and your friends walking across the stage at graduation. Libelous statements. 20. After joining, your confirmed friends can

Have access to your posted digitial pictures.

Network with others by seeing you are friends with. Find common interests by looking through your groups. All of the above. This concludes the quiz. Please click on the Submit Quiz button below to score your quiz. Submit Quiz
2006 Diversity College Diversitty College, Multicultural, OH, 51515, (565) 555-4544

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