Crystal Radio

Presented by: Shruti Nair(EEE-3rd yr.) Akanksha Garg(EEE-3rd yr.)

Structure of Presentation Introduction  Main parts of crystal radio  Working Principle  Summary  .

 Crystal radios are the simplest type of radio receiver.Introduction . tuning coil of copper wire. and the main type used during the wireless telegraphy era. crystal detector and earphones . while other radios use a separate source of electric power such as a battery or the mains power to amplify the weak radio signal  . like an antenna wire. Crystal radios were the first widely used type of radio receiver. and can be handmade with a few inexpensive parts.  They are passive receivers.

originally made with a piece of crystalline mineral such as galena. is a very simple radio receiver. It needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long wire antenna. It gets its name from its most important component. known as a crystal detector.What is a crystal Radio? A crystal radio receiver. popular in the early days of radio. also called a crystal set or cat's whisker receiver. This component is now called a diode. [source: Wikipedia] .

The radio components .

Main Components: Antenna  Tuned circuit  Crystal detector  Earphone  .

which is connected to the tuning coil.Antenna The antenna converts the energy in the electromagnetic radio waves striking it to an alternating electric current in the antenna. it is important that the antenna collect as much power from the radio wave as possible.  Since in a crystal radio all the power comes from the antenna.  .

 . acts as a resonator.  Electric charge flows rapidly back and forth between the plates of the capacitor through the coil. oscillating at the frequency of the radio signal .Tuned circuit The tuned circuit. analogous to a tuning fork for sound waves . consisting of the coil and capacitor.

Crystal Detector A semiconductor crystal detector which extracts the audio signal (modulation) from the radio frequency carrier wave.  .  Thisrectifies the alternating current radio wave to a pulsing direct current. blocking half of the oscillations of the radio wave. It does this by only allowing current to pass through it in one direction. whose strength varies with the audio signal. This current can be converted to sound by the earphone.

Cat’s Whisker Detector Diode .

angelfire.Schematic Diagram of the Radio [ Source: Scott Lowe.html ] .

Working Model of Crystal radio .

The signal is rectified (detected) by the diode. B. .AM radio signal demodulation A. C. The Amplitude Modulated carrier is tuned in by the coil and variable capacitor. The carrier is filtered out and removed by the other capacitor leaving the audio signal.

Uses These have become obsolete for commercial use. Today they are sold as educational devices .  A crystal radio tuned to a strong local transmitter can be used just as a power source for a second amplified receiver for distant stations that cannot be heard with a plain crystal radio. youth groups as a way of learning about the technology of radio. However they continue to be built by hobbyists.  .

Modern Crystal Radio with piezoelectric earphone .


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