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HRM Practice in Eastern Bank Ltd.


HR Department: Eastern Bank Ltd

HR Metrics: EBL
HR Metrics
Absence rate
Cost per hire

EBLs absenteeism problems.
EBLs overall costs to hire a new employee.

HR expense factor
Time to fill Turnover rate

EBLs HR expenses in relation to the total operating expenses.

The time taken by EBL to fill a vacant post. The rate for which employees leave from EBL.

Position Description
Position Title: HR Manager Reports to: Directors

Competency Job Description: EBL

Job summary:

a) b) c) d)

HR Manager is responsible for HR matters-recruitment,training,promotion.

Plan HR management. Report on HR issues. Manage departmental expenditure. Contribute to the development of HR strategy and performance.

Specific Duties, and Responsibilities:

Position Requirements: Candidates must be Masters/ BBA from a well reputed University having GPA 3.25 out of 5.00 or CGPA 3.00 out of 4.00.

Working Conditions
HR manager usually works in a pleasant office setting. He/she spends a great deal of time in paper work, talking on the phone, and in meetings.


Job Specifications of HR Manager: EBL

Job specification is written by the Branch Manger and is handed over to the head office of HRM department.

Minimum Qualification
Education: A graduate in the commerce or business subjects can be a simple or honors. Experience: fresh graduates and experienced staff are both eligible for the post. Knowledge: The use of computers, English usage, and punctuation; arithmetic, Economics & Accounting. Ability To: Lead the work of staffs ,interpersonal communications, and salesmanship and Communication abilities. Effort factors: Strong effective communicator, teamwork skills, Commitment to continuous learning, expert in employment law and relations. Leadership Competencies: Personal Leadership, Team Player, Strategic Thinker, Integrity and Business Acumen.


Effectiveness of Recruitment:EBL
Candidate Source Internal Skill inventory Transfer External Advertise ment

Qualitative & Quantitative Devices Practiced by the Bank

Qualitative aspects like Work sample test,
Structured interviews, Job knowledge test, Integrity Test, General Mental Ability Test, Record of service etc.

Quantitative aspects like ratings

of training, written test mark, CGPA etc


Employee Agencies


Structured interview

Interviews Types: EBL

An interview following a set sequence of questions.

Comprehensive Interviews
To obtain in-depth information about a candidate. Comprehensive interview has three parts: Interview effectiveness: a difficult environment in which the applicant is put to the test to asses his/her confidence levels. Impression management: It influences the candidates performance evaluations by portraying an image. Behavioral interview: To observe the candidates not only for what they say but how they behave under stress and other situations. Job-related interview: A series of job-related questions that focus on relevant past job-related behaviors. Panel Interview: The Bank uses panel interview in case of the recruitment of Fresh graduates and entry level.

ID# 54

Candidate Selection Process: EBL

Permanent Job Offer Medical Examination Conditional Job Offer Background Investigation Comprehensive Interviews Employment Test Completed Application Forms

Initial Screening

Graph: Selection process


Training and Development: EBL

There are two broad types of training available to EBL: On-the-job training is delivered to employees while they perform their regular jobs.
Off-the-job techniques include lectures, special study, films, television conferences or discussions, case studies, role playing, simulation, programmed instruction , Internships and assistantships and laboratory training. Most of these techniques can be used by EBL although, some may be too costly.

Here is chart of number of total employee and number of employee attends in training in Bank EBL in previous years:
Year Total training program Total employees 2008 79 655 2009 86 764 2010 165 1705

Total Cost(BDT)
Per employee cost(BDT)





Strategic HRM Practice: EBL

We have a key role to play in stimulating economic and social development through the services we provide and by being a force for good. The success of our business depends on this. Mission Statement: To create exceptional value for our clients, investors and staff; through market leadership. Be the Employer of choice by offering an environment where people excel and leaders are created.

Relationship between bank strategic goals and HR strategic goals

Strategic goals of bank and HR of the bank are numerous. The main strategic goal of Eastern Bank is to earn profit considering the Improve quality of human capital by strengthening their competencies.


Overall HR Performance : Eastern Bank

No. of Branches No. of Employees
878 763 973


28 2007

34 2008


49 2010



Overall HR Performance : Eastern Bank.Contd

Deposit accounts per employee

Loan accounts per employee 194,351 176,080

159,445 110,321

21,474 34,324 35,125






1. Most of my employees are lazy

Findings and analysis

2. Most of my employees are punctual

3.Employees are creative and have many useful ideas 4.Strong direction is necessary to get the work done.


Observation & Recommendation

The performance appraisal should be on the basis of the employees

merits, workability & performance. Official Transportation system should be introduced. Compensation rewards and recognition should be linked to performance measurements. Feedback on the evaluation should be provided to the employees so that they can improve their performance. Lastly, performance measurement systems should not be seen as an end, but a beginning.

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