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for house hold spiritual seekers

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Brahmasri E.Sankar

An institution where people are cared for. An environment offering affection and security. The place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end. Place where Life began and flourished. A social unit living together.


Having high moral qualities. Promoting or enhancing well-being. Feeling healthy and free of aches and pains. Having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character. Having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a peaceful and happy life. Moral excellence or admirableness.


union of self and the Supreme Being is sought through a state of complete awareness and tranquility attained by practicing Siddha Vidya. Know thyself. Jeevathma realising the Paramathma. Realising God is Jeevan / Love is God. Realising Sukkilam (Sperm) is Brahma. Union with JEGA JYOTHI i.e. Jeevan mukthi.

Foundations for Illara yogic life

Good intellect to realise the self. Good Health and happiness. Sound mind with full of peace. Satvik Eating Habits. Proper Rest/Sound Sleep. Proper Re-production capability Giving birth to Righteous/Healthy Heir. Moderate Wealth to obtain all the above.

Proper Intellect
It is the quality of knowing the truth that nature is the big mother of us Motion of 5 major constituents of the nature, Pancha Poothas (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Space) is the root cause of universal existence. What ever there in the universe is minutely but differently composed as Living beings in earth. i.e. all the living beings are the product of nature. Hence the Living beings can realise their self by proper natural way of living and unite with the Origin of Jeevan i.e. in the center of fore head- brumathyam through proper practicing of Pranayama technique called siddha vidya.

Good Health Well being

It is evident todays human society is living with lot of sufferings, ailments, aches and pains. The root cause of all tragedy is because of living a life based on Sensual pleasures. Sensual pleasures driving us from Divine Life to Devil Life.

Divine Life
Doing things which nurtures the well being of our self. Doing real Pranayama which gives us the peace of mind, thus preventing lose of our Life-force. Doing Yoga exercises which gives healthy body, thus all parts our body properly nurtured and cared. Involving satvik Physical work thus, we can earn moderate wealth to safe guard our self and our society Agriculture, Horticulture is the noble earning business of divine life.

Agriculture Divine way of Living

In olden days farmers will raise around 3.00 am at Brahma muhurtham, when the ozone layer is spreads in atmosphere. Even without his knowledge the nature infused in him with this amirtha prana i.e. ozone, thus all his living organs properly nurtured, thus lived for 100-120 years with sound health and mind. His admiration to the job is overwhelming. He always kept in mind, that he is raising food for the society. He did his job in devotion and no cruel business motive is involved. Thus had a pure mind and soul. Divine way of living is the basic life style of major agriculture family lived in the past.

Money/Profit Devil way of Living

Todays world is purely for the sensual pleasures thus needs lot of money to buy products, which gives them the comfort and pleasure thus converting all noble activities /services as business. This is the root cause of all evils i.e. sufferings and ailments. Since the body/mind enjoys pleasure, it may not care all its living organs properly to perform its functions. From this we can conclude a proper ethical life/thoughts/habits required for healthy/ peaceful/happy living.

Sound Mind
A Sound mind resides in a Sound body Today majority of the people is in half-insane condition for want of money, power, Status, Sensual Pleasures etc thus living in highly stressed life style. They putting hex on themselves and spoiling their self, like monkeys destroys what ever at their hands. Those who realised, that all the money, power, status were mirage it wont save the self., can lead a very beautiful spiritual/ healthy living style with moderate wealth.

Satvik Eating Habits

Food is the prime energy booster for us. Food is considered as a Secondary GOD . Pray before eating food. Sip a palm full of water before eating. Do not kill your food by over cooking/heating. Fried foods is full of harmful gaseous substances.

Satvik Eating Habits

Half full food/ Quarter full Water / Quarter full air is the proper way of eating. Never take food without proper hungry. Never consume water half an hour before and after meals. Water will dilute digestion fluid in the stomach. Never think of anything during meals. Concentrate only on your food and its nature. Know your food details, hence you can absorb a good nutrients from them.

Satvik eating habits

Keep it in your mind that your mind and body co-ordination is a must for proper digestion and absorbing all nutrients to the body. A proper food should have ingredients of all 6 tastes. Chew your food and mix thoroughly with saliva before swallowing. Do not watch Television, Speak, Discuss and read while eating. Do not sit on the Dinning table for taking food. Sit sugasana on the floor for eating. 2 or 3 belch indicates that you had enough in take. Stop eating. If further hungry take unto your discretion.

Proper vitality -Additives

Have 3 to 4 Dates with 2 to 3 Badam soaked in water in the morning between 6.00 am to 7.00 am (if not able soak and wait ,take it dry) Have 2 to 3 Amla soaked in honey after break-fast. Have 3 to 4 dry Figs around 11 am. Eat dishes with sprouted grams. Coconut is the best food for everyone. Have coconut juice regularly. Have coconut slices and banana with brown sugar.

Water drinking
Take 2-4 glasses of water when you woke up to clean impure bile water generated over night from your stomach. Do not heat the water. Take water only when there is thirst. Do not use mineral water. Do not filter the water. Have water after every urination. Do not Drink water by keeping your head high. Drink slowly sip by sip and get mix it with saliva. Normal drinking water mixed with saliva has got very good healing properties.

Rest is must for proper rejuvenation of body. Avoid Tea/Coffee. Do not keep your head in the North during sleep. Do not sleep on bare floor. Those who have physical work must sleep at least 6 hours. Those who have mind/Thinking related jobs must rested for at least 6 hours. Brush your tooth, when retiring to have a sound sleep. Have an understanding between Rest/Sleep.

Do not use mosquito coil/repellent during sleep. Use proper ventilated office room and house for healthy living. Do not close all ventilators during sleep. Use mosquito nets to avoid its biting.

Have food according to your nature of job/work. Healthy work is the prime stimulator of all joints proper functioning. Todays all physical ailments is because there is no proper work stimuli for all joints/organs. Proper secretion of body fluids require good working of all physical organs active involvement at the job/work that we carried out. Those who working in prolonged sit position will have improper digestion. Improper digestion is the root cause of all ailments. These people must do regular physical exercises/ Yoga to compensate necessary joint movements.

General remedy
Constipation - Irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels; can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis. This is the root cause of major improper functioning of body. Take a spoon full of Kadukkai Powder with warm water before going to bed to avoid constipation. Take a spoon full of Tripala chooranam along with warm water also good for constipation. This will also neutralizes the tri-dosha vadham, pittam, silethumam in our body. Have a piece of Ginger without its skin with morning break fast. Have half-spoon of Sukku Dried ginger powder at noon .

Home-Yogi way of living

-Realise God is Love -The unique asset is your soul i.e. the incarnation of Universal source for Living beings himself. -Realise the importance of body and mind. Know the functions of body and mind. -If you realise the importance of Jeevan, you can not loose it to hell. -Divine is God oriented Life. Hell is sensual pleasures oriented life. -Science is Good, if it really helps us saving our Jeevan/Life. -Control your prana i.e. Life-force wasting thro 9 holes in your body

Home-Yogi way of living

-Learn technique to control Prana wastage thro 9 Holes -know and Learn Siddha Vidya, which can control the wastage of life-force thro down ward breathing i.e. athogathi means wastage of prana. -Eat only natural satvik food, No hatred, Greedy, Jealous -Preserve our life-force thro inward breathing i.e. oorthuvagathi means prana dwelling inside -Maintain your Health through harmonious Mind and Body.

Home-Yogi way of living

-Sperm is the seed for our future generation. maintain your mind and body healthy to bring a healthy seed from you. A drop of semen is made of food, that we consume for 21 days. Our body has to work continuously/vigorously to extract a drop of semen out of our food intake. If any one wasted this precious gift of our body. It will again and again reproduce the same by drawing all power / nutrients which is required for other organs functioning. If any one wasting this precious gift will have weak body and mind , Lack of concentration, body fatigue, Memory loss, IQ loss. More over this vital fluid is a big nutrient for Brain/nerves functioning.

Home-Yogi way of living

- Say no to alcohol/Cigar/ Non-vegetarian to bring a better seed from you -No personal use of AC & Refrigerator since, it will destroy your seed as well as environment. -Healthy working habits, not to work accumulate wealth alone. Taking care of our soul/self is at most importance. -Realise without soul/life-force, you are a dead wood which can be burnt to ashes. -reduce your sensory pleasures to reduce your life-force wastage. -All livings beings are equal and they are our brothers and sisters. No Gender bios, treat woman equally. Indian Parents often betraying their daughters by not allowing equal rights in their assets. There is a huge discretion between boy and girl child in the society. This is a cruel to the mankind. -Spread the goodness to all. Follow good path oorthuva gathi along with your family and friends

Rig Veda
May the inmost aspirations of you all be perfectly harmonious; May your hearts be in unison; May absolute concord reign in your minds, so that you may be welded into strong fellowship and unity

Yoga vashista

The self is the friend of self and the self is also the enemy of self. None but the self can save the self.

Know Thyself Lao TZU

Knowing others, one is learned; Knowing thyself, one is enlightened. Conquering others requires force; Conquering oneself requires strength. Knowing contentment, one is rich; Having perseverance, one is firm; Abiding in the center, one endures; Even in dying, one enjoys eternal life

On the Way of the Sage -Chou Tun-Yi

The way of the sage is nothing but humanity, virtue, harmony, and rectitude. Preserve it and it will be ennobling. Practice it and it will be beneficial. Prolong it and it will match Heaven and Earth. Is it not easy and simple? Is it hard to know? If so, it is because we do not preserve, practice, and prolong it.

Teachings of Sri Agandaparipoorana sachidananda swamigal for Illara yogis

Be active, but not hasty; Be calm, but not lazy; Be economical, but not miserly; Be kind, but not servile; Be compassionate, but not be duped; Be liberal, but not spend thrift; Be a hero, but not a hooligan; Be married, but not lustful; Resist desire, but do not renounce; Cherish the good, but hate not others;

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