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Are prose passages, a paragraph of more in length, from which word have been deleted.

The student relies on the context in order to supply the missing word.

1.- Select an appropriate passage.

e.g., from the reading material in your ESL class

2.-Decide on the ratio of words to take out.

3.- Write the instruction and prepare an example.

Two possible ways to score cloze test:

1.- To give credit for only the exact word from the story.

Problems that come up when scoring cloze:

1.- Misspelling.

2. To allow full credit for equivalent word as well (student feel strongly because is more fair.)

2.- A bad handwriting.

3.- Use of two or more words in the blank and the two words fit perfectly.

Kinds of selected-deletion close referred to above can measure grammar. One way is to deleted prepositions, or deleted other grammar item that has been studied. For a measure of general grammatical ability, take out function words(pronoun, articles and determiners, auxiliary verbs, prepositions, and conjunction).

1.- Multiple-Choice cloze.

2.- Selected-deletion cloze.

3.- Inflectional cloze.

Advantages of cloze
1.- It is easy to prepare and quite easy to score.

Limitation of cloze
1.- It is not a sensitive measure of short-term gains.

2.- It is good measure of integrative English skills.

2.- It is difficult for teachers who are non-native English speakers to choose acceptable equivalent words.

3.- Standard cloze is a good measure of overall ability in English.