•Launched by Parle
•1993- Cola Cola company •Gold spot- The Zing Thing •Gold spot was withdrawn from the market for Coca Cola to launch Fanta •The jingle was in English

•First orange drink

World region Country Asia India

Density Climate

All major cities of India
Urban and some rural Hot and dry

Age Gender Family size Family lifecycle Income Education 14-35 Male, female 1,2,3,4,5 Married, unmarried 10,000+ (Middle Class to Upper Class) Schools, colleges, universities

Social class Middle class and upper class


Fullfilled, strivers, achievers, fun, dramatic, makers, strugglers, experience keepers, believers, experimenters

Benefits User status Loyalty status Readiness stage Taste, quality First time users Faded Unaware, some are aware

By it’s nature the target market for Gold Spot is large, since it is still available in some parts of the rural market in Maharashtra it encompasses the urban and rural market and is mainly focused on functional needs (quenching thirst).

Through these ads we are trying to target:

1) The before users who are aware of the brand. 2) The users that need to be made aware and haven’t heard of the brand before.

AGE: 14 TO 35

INCOME- 10,000+

Positioning Gold Spot as the first ever orange drink that everyone had fallen in love with and bringing it back because one must miss it.

Beverages Soft drinks - Pepsi, Gold spot, Coke Juices - Real, Tropicana, Minute Maid Local drinks - Amrat cola, Macca cola Energy drinks - Red bull, Gatorade



Pehla Pyaar Pehla Hi Hota hai
India’s first orange drink is back

Print Ad 1

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Print Ad 3

AV Ad 1
A man in his late 20’s is shopping at a supermarket with his wife. In front of them appears an attractive young woman with a few grocery items in her hand. The man is awe-struck as he looks at this woman and soon starts running towards her screaming “Where Have You been my love?”. As he approaches her he grabs the bottle of Gold

Spot in her hand, hugs it and starts crying and then shows his wife the bottle, as if it
were a long-lost friend. Everyone around has a look of astonishment, including his wife. Then comes a voiceover saying “Pehla pyaar pehla hi hota hai!, Gold Spot India ki sabse pehli orange drink.”

AV Ad 2
A man in his late 20’s is shown locking up his entire house. The main door, the windows, the backyard door, the servant quarter door, the master bedroom door, the door that opens up to the verandah. He locks the entire house on the inside with chains and locks and keeps the keys in his front pocket while he fetches Gold Spot from the fridge and settles down in front of the TV. In the meantime, the man’s wife comes home from work

and starts banging the door on the outside.

The man watching TV is shown with a smirk on his face. Then comes a voiceover saying “ Pehla Pyaar Pehla Hie Hota Hai!, Goldspot India ki sabse pehli orange drink.”

The viral video will have shots of people talking about their first love (like Kal Ho Naa Ho). At the end of the video there’s an email-id given where people can submit their entries talking about their first love and it will be added on to the video.

Idea 2

Pehle bhi yehi karte the, abhi bhi yeh kartein hain

Idea 2

Pehle bhi yehi karte the, abhi bhi yeh kartein hain

Thank You!

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