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• Micro Architecture is about building a structure in a micro scale with the advantages of normal structures. • Micro Architecture is good solution to the high density & hiking land price in urban areas.

• The newest trend is in sustainable living, a striving effort to live a lifestyle with a minimal or reduced carbon foot print. • While in the early stages of sustainable living, ecofriendly decisions centered on what could be different in the home, the trend now is to change your home itself. • Small living is simply much cheaper. It’s cheaper to furnish your place, utility costs are lower, and smaller spaces are generally much more affordable. • A smaller home encourages you to get out, be more social, and explore your outside environment.

- Ar. Richard Horden

• The m-ch has a timber frame structure with anodised aluminium external cladding, insulated with polyurethane and fitted with aluminium frame double glazed windows and front door with security double lock. • The m-ch measures 266cm x 266cm x 266cm. The ceiling height is 198cm and the door width is 60cm. • The unit weighs 2.2 tonnes.

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Two compact double beds, each measuring 198cm x 107cm, with covered cushions. Storage space for bedding and cleaning equipment. A sliding table measuring 105cm x 65cm, for dining for up to five people. flat screen television in the living/dining space. A shower and toilet cubicle. A kitchen area, which is fitted with electrical points and features a double hob, sink and extending tap, microwave, fridge and freezer units, three compartment waste unit, storage shelves, cutlery drawers with gentle return sprung slides and double level work surfaces. Thermostat controlled ducted warm air heating, air conditioning, water heating. Fire alarm and smoke detectors.

The micro-compact home is all-electric and powered by photovoltaic solar panels of 8sqm with a small diameter vertical axis wind generator. Day-time excess power is diverted into the grid. Night-time power is provided by the wind turbine and reserve batteries. Heating and air conditioning is ducted to each of the four function spaces. Long duration LED lighting is used internally and for the external walkways. It is possible to be highly energy efficient, since it has a small air volume, it heats and cools very quickly. 4U

A village of seven micro-compact homes, sponsored by international telecoms company O2 Germany, has been built at the Technical University Munich. The village, which was launched in November 2005, accommodates six students.

The intention was that the selected six would live there, alongside their British Professor Richard Horden, for a single term only, but the village has proved so popular that the students have asked to extend their stay to the full academic year.

• Designed primarily for student housing • Its structure is made up of a cluster of small steel vertical columns or 'reeds' that echo the surrounding natural vertical architecture • An open core space contains the central lift shaft and stairway surrounded by thirty micro compact homes. • These are supplied with power and water from an internal ring of vertical services 'reeds'. • The micro compact homes are arranged around the core in a way to provide maximum transparency and openness for nature to penetrate the space. • The roof of one unit becomes an extension into nature, a landscape viewing platform for the micro compact home above.

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