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Since its humble beginning in 1895 with the distinction of being the first Swadeshi Bank to have been started with Indian capital, Punjab National Bank has continuously strived for growth in business which at the end of June 2012 amounted to Rs.6,79,823 crore. PNB is the largest nationalised Bank in the country in terms of Branch Network, Total Business, Advances, Operating Profit and Low Cost CASA Deposits. The CASA deposits share to the Total Deposits of the Bank was at 35.6% as on June 2012. Bank achieved a Net Profit of ` 1246 crore during the Q1 FY13. Bank also has a strong capital base with Capital Adequacy Ratio of 12.57% as on June12 as per Basel II with Tier I and Tier II capital ratio at 9.33% and 3.24% respectively.

"To be a Leading Global Bank with Pan India footprints and become a household brand in the Indo-Gangetic Plains providing entire range of financial products and services under one roof"

"Banking for the unbanked"

Punjab National Bank, is extensively catering to banking needs of Non-resident Indians, Importers & Exporters particularly relating to foreign exchange business including Imports & Exports of Goods & Services as also Remittances etc. PNB OFFERS VARIOUS SCHEMES / PRODUCTS /SERVICES RELATING TO INTERNATIONAL BANKING. THE BROAD DETAILS THRREOF ARE AS UNDER

Currency Non-resident Deposit A/c Scheme (FD) Non-resident External Deposit A/c Scheme (SB/CA/FD) Non-resident Ordinary Deposit A/c Scheme (SB/CA/FD/RD) Foreign Inward Remittances Rupee Drawing Arrangements / Speed Remittances with Exchange Houses Money Transfer Schemes PNB-NRI REMIT Scheme Exchange of Foreign Currency Travellers Cheques/Notes World Travel Card Buyers / Suppliers Credit against Imports into India Letter of Guarantee (issued on behalf of foreign bank) Precious Metal Business (on consignment basis) Gold (Metal) Loan Scheme for Domestic Jewellery Manufacturers. ECGC Bank assurance - Selling of policies to exporters

EXPORT SERVICES 1 ) Bank ISC Code (Import-Export Code) 2) Pre-Shipment Finance 3) Packing Credit 4) Post-Shipment Credit 5) Bill Discounting Credit 6) Sends document to foreign land on repatriation

DOCUMENTARY CREDIT 1) Open by a foreign bank for payment to some local exporters 2) Supplying goods before 31st December 3) Bill of Exchange 4) Transport facilities 5) Combined transport document 6) Guarantees to pay 7) Correspondent banks

8) Helps to file Litigation incase of Non-payment 9) Duty Drawback

IMPORT SERVICES TO FOREIGN SUPPLIERS -Bank can open Letter of Credit -Treat every supplier fairly -Valuation of Goods

-Prevent any frauds

-Customs Clearance

TO CUSTOMERS 1) Can open Letter of Credit 2) Handling Documents 3) Free Consultation 4) Extend Credit -Pre Shipment -Post Shipment 5) Remittance of funds

6) Advance Payment
7) Pay Commission to Agent

CONTROL OF WORK FLOW -Monitoring -Scrutinise Documents -Pricing of Goods -Bill of Entry


-Short Term Borrowings -Quoting a better rate

Salient features of the scheme for World Travel Card Eligibility: o Indian Nationals desirous of visiting abroad (except Nepal and Bhutan) for any purpose as permitted by RBI against rupee or to the debit their EEFC/RFC acco o Foreign Nationals while on visit to India against FOREX brought in India & or INR balance supported by encashment certificate. o NRIs against surrender of FOREX / to the debit of their NRE/FCNR account Currency of Issue: o These are available in three different types of currency i.e. USD, GBP & EUR . The C will be printed with expiry date in MM/YY format and the expiry will be 5 years from month of printing. Documents required: o Application form o Copy of valid passport, o latest photograph of the customer and o Form A- 2 if currency sold exceeds USD5000 or equivalent. The Cards will be issued by all the branches authorized to deal in Foreign Exchange. There will be no minimum amount ceiling for Card to be issued. However the Maximum amount will be linked with the purpose of visit and the same will be parameterized. At present the following limits are have been stipulated by RBI.

Card can be recharged/reloaded from any of AD Branch irrespective of the branch of issue. Similarly it can be surrendered at any AD branch and not necessarily at the issuing branch


A) TRAVEL AND NON-TRAVEL RELATED REMITTANCES Foreign Exchange can be released to Resident Indians for the following purpose 1) Private Visit Abroad 2) Visit abroad for Business/Conference/ Training

3) Employment Abroad
4) Emigration 5) Medical Treatment Abroad 6) Education Abroad 7) Cultural Tours Abroad 8) Remittances for maintenance of close relatives abroad


Eligibility : Resident Individuals including minors

Limit : Up to USD 200,000 per financial year( April to March). The remittance facility under LRS is in addition to those already available for private travel, business travel, studies, medical treatment etc. FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNTS IN INDIA 1) Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account 2) Resident Foreign Currency Account 3) Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account

FOREX FACILITIES FOR NON-RESIDENTS INDIANS A) Deposit Facilities B) Investment Facilities C) Other facilities

Deposit Schemes available to Non-Resident Indians 1)Non-Resident(external) Rupee schemes-NRE 2)Foreign Currency (Non-Resident) Account (Banks) Scheme FCNR(B) 3) Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account Scheme- NRO

Investment Facilities for NRI/PIO

1) Investments on Repatriation basis 2) Investments on Non-Repatriation basis 3) Prohibited Investments 4) Investment in immovable property

Other facilities for NRI/PIO 1) Lending by NRI to Resident Indian 2) Borrowing by NRI from Resident Indian

3) Repayment of NRI loan in India by Resident Indian

4) Receiving of gift of shares/securities/convertible debentures.

PNB's Helpdesk - Forex Services

Punjab National Bank, is extensively catering to banking needs of Importers & Exporters, particularly relating to foreign exchange business - Imports & Exports of Goods & Services and Remittances etc. including for Overseas Direct Investments etc.

A Centralized Help-desk is functional for providing guidance / attend queries about Banks Schemes / products relating to foreign exchange business.
The interested persons / firms / Companies may contact our Banks Centralized Help desk, for their requirements etc.

WHAT IS AN OBU? An Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) of a bank is a deemed foreign branch of the original bank situated within India, and shall undertake International Banking business involving foreign currency denominated assets and liabilities.

HOW DOES IT ADD VALUE FOR US Multi Currency Deposits accepted Maturities ranging from 15 days to 5 years. Deposits for 15 days upto 1 month are accepted subject to minimum deposit amount of USD 100,000/-, GBP 60,000/- and EURO 100,000/-

Attractive Rates of interest on Deposits. Multi Currency Borrowing option

Competitive Rates of interest on Borrowings. Rates of interest linked to LIBOR of corresponding period. Full repatriablity of maturity value of deposits Investment opportunity that affords better returns at no additional risk.

Render service at par with international banks. Loans against deposits in foreign currency facility available at better rates. EEFC (Exchange Earners Foriegn Currency) Accounts facility available. Higher rates of interest vis-a-vis Fixed deposits subject to minimum deposit of USD 5,000 or its equivalent. General Terms and Disclaimer

Deposits in OBU can be accepted from:

Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

Eligible Resident Indians as per FEMA OBU can lend to: Companies / Units within the Special Economic Zones in India Companies outside SEZs as per existing FEMA guidelines