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There are 3 kinds of mathematicians ..

those who can count and those who can't

Understand basic mathematical calculations Application of simple mathematical functions in daily life Understanding the importance of these functions at work Removing the number phobia!!!

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9 times table on your hands!!! How much is a Google? What is a Jiffy (Ill be there in a jiffy) What is Triskaidekaphobia?

Do Away With Number Phobia

The Montapha Marathon

Your team is on an health retreat in Thailand As part of your retreat in Thailand, you have decided to visit Mr. Kung Long, famous numerologist However, Montapha is an ancient island and is inhabited by several tribal groups who do not appreciate having tourists on their Island. The Thailand Tourism department has made a special arrangement with the heads of these tribal groups and thus you need to follow the below steps in order to reach this island.

You leave Thailand on the 7th of March10.

The is the first the get back toThailand wins!!! Ensure you fill the appropriate columns of the table put up by your trainer You cannot move ahead until you write your numbers

Date of Arrival
Rent a Ship
Total Weight = Sum of all team members weight (Kgs)

Per Ocean Weight = twice the Total Weight

Weight of Ship = 50% more than Per Ocean Weight

Share above information and collect Ship Catalogue for Ship Speed

Date of Arrival
Speed and Date
Speed = Distance/Time (Distance = 34678mts)

Calculate Time

Convert Time from Seconds to Hrs

Calculate Number of days

Numerology Forecast Chart

On calculation of the Date, collect Mr. Kung Longs Numerology Forecast Chart
Collect Mr. Long's Numerology Chart

Individual Birth Numbers as per chart

Group Number = sum of all birth numbers


Mr. Longs Fee

Fee (Pilos)= Group Number * (340/no. of team members)

Calculate Total Fee in LE

Mr.Longs Share = Fee Tax (13%)


Your Learnings
_________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________


Reading numbers with the Place Value Chart Fractions/Decimals/Percentages The BODMAS rule Measurement Tables Ratio & Proportions Average/Mean/Median/Mode Data Interpretation Simple calculations


Place Value System

Large numbers made easy!

Place Value System

It helps in:

Reading numbers by showing us where they are placed Putting appropriate number of zeroes Easy conversion of fractions into decimals/percentages and vice versa.


International Place System


Hundred Ten Hundred Ten Billions Millions Hundred Ten Billions Billions Millions Million Thousand Hundred Tens Place Values (100000 (100000 Thousand Thousand (1000000 (10000000 (10000000 (100000 (1000) (100) (10) 0000) 0) (100000) (10000) 00000) 000) 0) 00)

Ones (1)

No. of Zeroes




Lets Read Numbers

International System

Two hundred and fifty four million, eight hundred and eighty five thousand ,two hundred and thirtyfive

Decimal System

Forty six thousand ,six hundred and sixty seven point two five six

Write down the following numbers as shown above: 1. 58,70,024 2. 729,451,894 3. 99,213.305


Currency Conversions
Keeping in sync with the fast growing world, it is beneficial to be well versed and aware of the currency exchange rates. With the help of the table below, convert the value of the items in your currency:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

1 Ltr of Milk (US) $3.75 A Party Dress (US) - $37 1 Kilo of Tomatoes (UK) - 3.75 A Newspaper (UK) - 1.25 A Packet of Chips (Australia) - $4.45 A Pair of Sneakers (Australia) - $ 87.50


To Egyptian Pound LE 4.8974 LE 8.4591 LE 5.49

1 Australian Dollar 1 British Pound 1 U.S. Dollar


Different names of the same function

A fraction is a part of a whole. If try to slice a pizza, we will get fractions:







The number in fractions tells how many slices we have (Numerator) and the number in the denominator tells us the number of slices the pizza was cut into (Denominator).

Solve: Ahmed gives 1/4th his salary to his mother and his salary is 5000 LE. Ahmed also deposits 1/2 of his remaining salary (after giving 1/4th to his mother) in the bank, how much money does he have left?


In mathematics, we express something by percentage - expressing a number as a fractions of 100 (per cent meaning "per hundred").

For example, 47% (read as "forty seven percent") equal to 47 / 100.

Solve: Karim & Alias Report cards are given below. Calculate their percentage for each of the subject and their overall percentage. Who has scored the highest overall percentage?


Math (50marks)

Science (50marks)

English (50marks)

Arabic (50marks)












Zero and the other countable numbers like (1,2,3,...) make up the set of whole numbers. However every number is not a whole number. For e.g. 45,567.256 Forty five thousand five hundred and sixty seven point two five six Our decimal system allows us to express all types of numbers , using something called a decimal point. Rounding Off: Rounding off to two digits: if the number after the second digit (after the decimal) is 5 or greater than 5 then you add 1 to the second digit However, if the number after the second digit (after the decimal) is less than 5 then you leave it as it is For example: 23.467 = 23.47 and 4456.3244 = 4456.32 Solve: Calculate & round off to two digits: 345/126 = 9224/1705 = 333.569/2=


Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Operation Explanation
Move the decimal point 2 places to the right and add a percent (%) sign.


Convert a decimal to a percent

.123 = 12.3%

Convert a percent to a decimal

Move the decimal point 2 places to the left.

5% = .05

Convert a fraction to a decimal

Divide the numerator by the denominator

1/8 = .125

Convert a percent to a fraction

First turn the number into a decimal. Then divide that by 10,100 or 1000 depending on the 18% = .18 = 18/100 = 9/50 number of digits after the decimal


More Examples
Conversion of decimal to fractions
45.2 = 452/10 (because after decimal there is one digit) 45.25 = 4525/100 (because after decimal there are two digits) 45.256 = 45256/1000 (because after decimal there are three digits) 0.025 = 25/1000

Conversion of Fraction to Decimal

456/10 = 45.6 2/10 = 0.2 456/100 = 4.56 2/100 = 0.02 456/1000 = 0.456 2/1000 = 0.002


Help Harold Math Paper I


Tool to crack long calculations!

Think what is the answer to 2 + 3 x 5 is?
Is it (2 + 3) x 5 = 5 x 5 = 25 ? or 2 + (3 x 5) = 2 + 15 = 17 ?

BODMAS is a rule which enables us to know exactly the right order of solving the mathematical question. If we follow the rule it gives us rules to follow so that we will always get to the right answer: B rackets O rder D ivision M ultiplication A ddition S ubtraction


BODMAS-Solved Examples
Here's an example based on the BODMAS rule : The answer can be explained with a calculator which would give to the calculation 5 + 80/10 x (1 + 2)2 - 1 according to the BODMAS rules. Brackets gives 5 + 80/10 x (3)2 - 1 Order gives 5 + 80/10 x 9 - 1 Division gives 5 + 8 x 9 - 1 Multiplication gives 5 + 72 - 1 Addition gives 77 - 1 Subtraction gives 76 The answer is 76

Solve: 1. 7+5/10*(46-22) 2. 86/42-(96*7)+42


Measurement Tables
Now measure distance, time and quantity!


1cm=10mm 1m=100cm 1km=1000m 1 feet=12 inches 1mile=1.6Km


1mm=1/10cm 1cm=1/100m 1m=1/1000Km 1 inch=1/12 feet 1Km=1/1.6 mile

Quantity (Solid)






1Kg=1/1000 tonne

Quantity (Liquid)


1ml=1/1000 lts





1min=60sec 1hour=60mins 1hour=3600secs

1sec=1/60 min

1day=1/7 week


1month=1/12 year

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Ratios & Proportions

Ratios: Ratios are used to make comparisons between two things/items. The numbers indicating the two things are separated using a : (colon). For example: Comparing the number of circles to the number of triangles shown below, the ratio would be 4:3

In 2001, 81 men enrolled in the English department at our university while 120 women enrolled. What is ratio of men is to women enrollment? Men: women = 81:120, which can be further simplified to (81/108) 3/4 or 3:4 However, though the ratio is 3:4 , the original numbers are larger and this must be kept in mind when dealing with ratios


Proportions or Equal Ratios: Ratios are in proportion when the corresponding fractions are equal To check if two ratios are equal, divide the numerator by the denominator for each ratio. If the quotients are equal, then the ratios are equal. Is the ratio 5:15 equal to the ratio 25:100? Divide both, the quotients are not equal. Therefore, these two ratios are not equal. Example of equal ratios: 4:20 = 2:10 = 20:100 = 1:5 Example - Let us make an addition to the ratio example. In 2002, 159 men enrolled in the English department and if the ratio of men to women was the same is the year 2001, how many women enrolled? 2001 - Men: women ratio in = 3:4 2002 Men: women = 3:4 = 159: x 3/4 = 159/x Cross multiply the two fractions, 3x = 159*4 x = 636/3 = 212 Thus the number of women who enrolled in 2001 was 212


Tips to solve questions

Question Find out Nishath & Rizwans division of ancestral money of LE 2000, in a ratio of 3:2 Solution: 1. add the numbers in the ratio 2. find the value of 1 part, 3. Calculate by multiplying the 1 part value with appropriate number in the ratio Let us apply it to the question above: 1. Add - 3 + 2 = 5 2. Value of 1 part = LE 2000/5 = LE 400 3. Nishaths Share = 3 * 400 = LE1200 & Rizwans Share = 2 * 400 = LE 800 (A quick check, sum of their share is LE 2000 Question The price of 10 g Vanilla is 50 Piastras & 50 g is LE 2.50, are they proportional? Solution Write the ratio for each comparison: 10g:50P & 50g:LE 2.50 Convert the units to equate: 10g:50P & 50g: 250 P (100P = LE 1) Ratio for each: 10:50 & 50:250 Simplify: 1:5 & 1:5, since they are equal They are proportional


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For Data Interpretation

X = Sum of items/ No. of items Example Marks of 5 students are 28,36,45,85,96 Sum = 28+36+45+85+96=290 No. of items = 5 (5 numbers are added) X = 290/5 = 58 Average = 58

Solve: Calculate the average viewership of the listed TV programs , based on the viewership in all the listed cities
City City A City B City C City D So You Think American Idol You Can Dance 2467 3400 7804 6329 3342 1245 1423 4990 Apprentice 1364 2340 745 2551


The median is the middle of a number distribution: half the scores are above the median and half are below the median. Computation of Median Arrange the given data in ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order When the data set is odd, the median is simply the middle number. For example, the median of 2, 4, and 7 is 4. When the data set is even, the median is the mean of the two middle numbers. For example: The median of : 1,2,6,8, is (2+6)/2=4 Solve: Calculate the median of the following data: 1. 22,56,26,34,42,38,46,52 2. 101,123,111,113,125,107,109


The mode is the value that occurs the most frequently in a data set. Computation of Mode Example:15,20,26,22,18,20,21,20,25,24,20,18,17,20,14,20,18 14 1 time 15 1 time 17 1 time 18 3 times 20 6 times 21,22,24,25,26 1 time each Mode = 20 (highest number of repetitions) Solve: Find the mode in the below data: 1. 11,13,13,15,17,23,11,13,28,29,13,11,13,27,28,2315 2. 1,7,2,2,3,6,7,1,9,4,4,1,1,7,1,9,3,5,1,2,8,9,1,2,1,9,1,4


Selling Price/Cost Price/Profit & Loss

Cost Price the price at which one buys the item Selling Price the price at which one sells the item Profit If the selling price is greater than the cost price, profit is made Profit = S.P C.P Loss If the cost price is greater than the selling price, loss is made Loss = C.P S.P Loss or Profit Percentage is calculated on the Cost Price: Profit Percentage = (profit /C.P) * 100 Loss Percentage = (loss / C.P) * 100 The cost price of a lamp is LE 500 and sold for LE 650. What is the Profit or Loss Percentage ?


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