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1st edition : Module 1

2nd edition : Module 2

3rd edition : Module 3 & 4 4th edition : Module 5 5th edition : Module 6

6th edition : Module 7 & 8

7th edition : Module 9 & 10 8th edition : Module 11 & 12 Goal : able to translate documents between English and bahasa related to environmental, educational, financial and banking sector. Textbook : Translation 3, 2nd edition, BING3319, by Siti Era Mardiani, published by UT Tutorial method : online (ustream) & class meeting Scoring components : class attendance, homeworks, exams Course material & recordings are available in utkorea homepage


Module 1

Translation : communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text * Translation key points : Preservation of meaning Understand the original meaning Definitions & contexts -> dictionary, thesaurus

Idioms, phrases, proverbs -> dictionary

Specific knowledge -> encyclopedia DONT translate word per word

Use proper register (words, style, grammar) in the target language

DONT Use daily words
* The Oxford Companion to the English Language, Namit Bhatia, ed., 1992, pp. 1,05154


Module 1
to pull someone's leg means to tease them by telling them something untrue

Idioms She is pulling my leg. When will you drop them a line? You should keep an eye out for that. Proverbs The devil is in the details Break a leg Phrase Die hard

to drop someone a line means to phone or send a note to someone

to keep an eye out for something means to watch for it

The devil is in the details", means that things may look good on the surface, but upon scrutiny, problems are revealed
Break a leg means wishing good luck Die hard means any person who will not be swayed from a belief

Learning Activity 1
Renewable Energy : Not Cheap, Not Green By Robert L. Bradley, Jr

Module 1
Energi Yang Dapat Diperbaharui: Tidak Murah, Tidak Hijau Oleh Robert L. Bradley Jr

1. Read
A multi-billion-dollar government crusade to promote renewable energy for electricity generation, now in its third decade, has resulted in major economic costs and unintended environmental consequences. Even improved new generation renewable capacity is, on average, twice as expensive as new capacity from the most economical fossilfuel alternative and triple the cost of surplus electricity. Solar power for bulk generation is substantially more uneconomic than the average; biomass, hydroelectric power, and geothermal projects are less uneconomic. Wind power is the closest to the double-triple rule.
Pemerintah mempertaruhkan milyaran dollar untuk 2. Understand the yang dapat mempromosikan energi diperbaharui untuk pembangkit tenaga listrik, meaning kini dalam dekade ketiganya, pembangkit tersebut telah memakan biaya besar dan 3. Rewrite the menimbulkan dampak lingkungan yang tidak in the diinginkan. meaningkapasitas yang telah Bahkan ditingkatkantarget language listrik yang dari pembangkit diperbaharui, rata-rata, dua kali lebih mahal dari kapasitas pembangkit baru yang berasal dari 4. Use matching bahan bakar alternatif yang paling ekonomis language style yang berasal dari fosil dan tiga kali lebih mahal dari biaya kelebihan beban listrik. Tenaga surya untuk pembangkit yang besar lebih tidak ekonomis dibanding rata-rata pembangkit tenaga lainnya; pembangkit tenaga yang berasal dari biomas, hidroelektrik, dan proyekproyek geotermal paling tidak ekonomis. Pembangkit tenaga angin hampir dua atau tiga kali lipat lebih mahal.

Learning Activity 1-2


Penekanan / adanya tekanan

Pembangkit tenaga air, dll

Learning Activity 1-3

Suatu era baru mengenai komitmenkomitmen yang dipaksakan terhadap Atas opsi politis yaitu Subsidi yang baru dari pemerintah (menghindari ambiguitas)


Yaitu penambahan bahan-bahan dan perluasan wilayah

Learning Activity 1-4

Introduction One of the centerpieces of the environmentalist agenda has long been the regulation of fossil-fuel consumption. Although anti-pollution controls are the accepted short-term solution to many of the environmental problems posed by fossil fuels, many people believe that the long-term answer is the gradual replacement of fossil fuels with other, less environmentally threatening fuel sources. That philosophy can perhaps best be described as eco-energy planning, the belief that government intervention in the energy economy is necessary to maximize environmental protection and, in the end, the nations economic vitality.

1. Centerpieces = kepingantengah? Bagian pusat? . Main focus / Important points primary attention = :? 1. Grammar what 2. Has long been =use grammar? What does it 2. Potentially mean? misleading terms

3. Fossil-fuel = bahan bakar 3. Specific terms fosil? Dinosaurus?

4. Eco-energy = energi ekonomis? energy which is affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly

Learning Activity 1-5


Panas bumi

Tenaga seperti ini

Ketergantungan alternatif

Learning Activity 1-6


Dianggap sebagai

Tidak diminati lagi

Ikan air tawar

Merupakan sumber tenaga terbarukan yang menimbulkan polusi udara secara intensif

Learning Activity 1-7



Learning Activity 1-8


Suatu metode alternatif mendasar Milyaran dollar

Learning Activity 1-9

Perkembanga n utama namun kurang dikenal Subsidi atas pembayar pajak atau pembayar tagihan terhadap pembangkitan dan konservasi sumber tenaga terbarukan telah meningkatkan peran gas alam


Lebih murah Gas alam juga



Keep the meaning
Get the original meaning / message Get the passage type (exposition, descriptive, argumentative, scientific, legal, persuasive, novel) Write the message in target language, use proper type but avoid being restricted to vocabs & grammars in original lang

Read the translated passage (should be smooth) and compare the meaning
[Optional] Use footnotes to explain differences in cultural, social, environmental backgrounds [Optional] ask others to read and get feedback [Optional] Try to translate back into original or other language and compare the meaning

Practice session 1

Grammar : present continuous -> effect? Greenhouse gases = gases which traps solar energy on earth -> gas rumah kaca

Practice session 2

Grammar = future tense Utilities = electric companies

Coal-fired = pembangkit listrik tenaga batubara

Cost-effective = efektif dari segi biaya

Portending = menandakan
Nitrogen oxides = senyawasenyawa nitrogen oksida Carbon dioxide = karbondioksida

Practice session 3

Act = Undang-undang Grammar = present tense

Stringent = ketat (aturan/ketentuan)

Diminish = mengurangi Attractiveness = daya tarik

Practice session 4

Air pollutants = polutan-polutan / pencemar-pencemar udara Sulfur oxides = senyawa-senyawa sulfur oksida Nationwide = nasional Cap = batas atas / jumlah maksimum Disparities = disparitas / kesenjangan

Contingent = subject to change

Ratification = pengesahan (perjanjian internasional) Curtail = mengurangi / membatasi Cap and trade programs = programprogram pembatasan dan perdagangan Green pricing = pembayaran berorientasi lingkungan, or use green pricing instead

Practice session 5

Deterioration = penurunan kualitas Precautionary stance = langkah / sikap siaga

Surrogate = substitute
Global climate change = perubahan iklim dunia

Formative Test

Spot The Errors

End of Learning Activity 1

Questions ?

Learning Activity 2

Topic : Background of sustainable development Explains historical views, formation of & role Grammar : present perfect (role overview), past tense (history), present simple (explanation)

Learning Activity 2-2

Topic : The three initiatives strengthening the role of financial sector in environmental policy No. 1 provides attractively low loan rates for green projects No. 2 aims to increase energy efficiency No. 3 facilitates banks, govt, and financial sector to promote sustainable devp Note : DONT translate names, ex The Green Investment Incentive Scheme, or The Netherlands Bankers Federation

Learning Activity 2-3

Topic : international banking initiatives 2nd sentence : how it (UNEP declaration) works 3rd sentence : its progress 4th sentence : an important rule

Learning Activity 2-4

Topic : Role of financial sector in environment No 1 : supplying fund to business No 2 : make green financial products No 3 : prevent risk Stakeholders = pemangku kepentingan

Learning Activity 2-5

Topic : Financial sectors paradigm shift towards the environment 1st & 2nd sentence : old vs new paradigm

3rd sentence : new sustainable banking products

4th sentence : examples of new sustainable banking products

5th sentence : positive effect of those activities

Learning Activity 2-6

Topic : Conclusion of the book

2nd & 4th sentence : the books perspective

3rd & 5th sentence : books level of detail 6th sentence : books audience 7th sentence : final conclusion

Formative Test 2

Find Errors


End of Modul 1

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