Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo.

Mexican 1955 Pedro=Peter Páramo= wide barren plane



Rulfo fotógrafo / photographer

Mexican views of death

Guadalupe Posada

The day of the dead El día de los muertos

Porfirio Díaz--El Porfiriato
1876-1880 1884-1911 “pan, o palo” los científicos

caciques--local war lords

Mexican Revolution 19111921[?]

Pancho Villa y Emiliano Zapata

Religion in Mexico La guerra cristera 1926-29

Rural Mexico -Colima area




First reading assignment: sections 1-15: some versions are numbered, some indicate a new section with a Capital letter in a different font. But just in case: stop at the section that begins “A horse galloped by” “Un caballo pasó al galope” If you have the Margaret Sayers Peden edition, section 12 begins on p. 22 , “What’s happened,” I asked….

childhood memory vs. adult reality images of water read sections 16-37 [stop at “A heavy rain” / Al amanecer, gruesas gotas”

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