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INTRODUCTIONTitle of the project-“Impact assessment of NEDFi Haat on the unorganized sectors of the region” Place of the studyGuwahati and other related areas of Assam. Duration Two months (June –July ,2012) Organizational Guide- Mr. Ashim Kumar Das, Asst.General Manager,NEDFi OrganizationNorth Eastern Development Financial Corporation.( NEDFi)

About NEDFi Haat
NEDFi haat platform created for the unorganized sector by NEDFi at Ambari, Guwahati in December 2002 for promoting marketing of the products of the unorganized sector is now a popular exhibition ground among the craftsmen and weavers associated with the indigenous handloom and handicraft sector. NEDFi Haat helps to commercialize and promote the ethnic food and traditional handloom of the region. Government Agencies like DRDA, NEHHDC, NSIC, SIFT etc prefer the platform to organize their fairs to promote the marketing of their beneficiaries. NEDFi Haat is a joint initiative of Department of Industries, Govt. of Assam and NEDFi.

Unorganized sector and the other parties associated with NEDFi haat- .


by providing them a proper platform for promoting their product. participants and customers point of view and find out the drawbacks and advantages of NEDFi haat . i. .OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • Analyze the competitiveness and popularity of NEDFi Haat in comparison to other platforms providing the same facility within Guwahati from fair organizers.edeveloping the standard of living of the people who are involved in production of handloom. • To find out if NEDFi Haat is achieving its real goal. handicrafts and other traditional outfits.

in NEDFi Haat. and their future requirements and expectations from NEDFi Haat. who organizes trade fair and other events on behalf of NEDFi.• Find out the satisfaction level of organizers . who are in a relation with NEDFi Haat for a long period of time and what is their views regarding the products they bought in NEDFi Haat . • What is the satisfaction level of customers .

Sample sizeOrganizer-10 Participant-63 Customer.METHODOLOGY Data collection mode. Sources of dataPrimary data only.Questionnaire and telephonic interview.100 . Type of researchDescriptive cross sectional.

. cylindrical diagrams. pie diagrams. percentages. Statistical tools and techniquesFor better understanding of the study I have used tables.Sampling methodIn order to serve my purpose I have used stratified random sampling for customers and diagrams. column diagrams.For analyzing responses received I have used Rating scales and likert table. The list of the organizers those are included in sample size are given by NEDFi . doughnuts etc. conical diagrams. pyramid diagrams.

Scope and Limitation ScopeThe study has been divided into three parts.63) Customer survey (Sample size – 100) . Organizer survey (Sample size 10) Participant survey (Sample size.

Limitation• Time factor basically prevent me to take limited no. • Some of the respondents were not interested to give all the answers. . as more response would have highlighted a very clear scenario of the study. Time factor is the most important limiting factor. • Some of the respondents were reluctant to provide information as it involves revealing the internal matters of the organization. of sample size.

one after the other in the form of the tables.Respondents have been asked various types of questions relating to the topic.the analysis and interpretation of respondents opinion is presented. participants and customers separately. . Starting with organizers . Three different questionaires were prepared and used to collect responses from fair organizers.

FINDINGS FROM THE STUDY From Organizer’s survey• Most of the organizers conduct fairs at NEDFi Haat for more than 3 times a year. • Most of the oraganizers are conducting fairs at NEDFi haat for a period of more than 5 years .

the following results were found• Parking Place. • Transportation and Communication. • Drinking waterThere is not a proper facility of drinking water system in NEDFi haat according to organizers.Transportation and communication advantages due to location of NEDFi haat is excellent according to the organizers.according to most of the organizers. .mainly the lighting facility in NEDFi haat is not up to the mark . about some attributes of NEDFi haat .From organizers point of view. • Air conditioning – The present air conditioning system in NEDFi haat is not proper according to most of the organizers. • Electricity.Most of the organizers said that the parking facility of NEDFi haat should be improved.The electricity facility .

Most of the organizers think that the rent they paid for conducting fairs at NEDFi haat is relatively higher in comparison to the benefits and facilities they gets from NEDFi haat. but most of the organizers think that the outside stalls must be assimilated to main building.The cleaning and house keeping facility is excellent in NEDFi haat according to the organizers. • Maintenance.The maintenance of building and other facilities in NEDFi haat is excellent according to the organizers.The staffs of NEDFi haat are very cooperative and helpful to the organizers as most of them said. . • House -keeping/cleaning. • Rent paid:Benefits. • Building.The building of NEDFi haat is good .• Staff assistance..

• Overall experience of the organizers with NEDFi haat is good. including NEDFi haat. but when they are asked to rank those according to their experience accordingly. all of them ranked NEDFi haat first among all. • Most of the organizers use another platforms within Guwahati to conduct fairs. .

of participants participating in NEDFi haat fairs started increasing in a significant rate .From Participant's survey• There are mainly three kinds of participantshandloom dealers. since year 2007. • The products that the participants exhibit in the fairs are manufactured by themselves. But some of the raw materials which are not available here has been bought by them from other North eastern states like Manipur and Nagaland. handicraft dealers and home made and traditional food item dealers. • The no. .

family business groups and non-family business groups.• Manufacturing and selling of the products in fairs is the only source of income for most of the participants. . . • All of the participants had raised their level of minimum annual income in a significant rate by selling their products at NEDFi haat except from handicraft dealers. This is an outcome of an increasing rate of employment for past 18 years since 1994. employed under the participants of sample size. • There are a sum total of 553 people till now. Non family business groups mainly consists of NGO’s and self help groups. • The participants are almost equally consists of mainly two groups.

But some of them said it is not profitable.• Most of the participants think that it is profitable to sell their products in NEDFi haat . • All of the participant said that their overall experience with NEDFi Haat is good. It must be lowered and for participating in the fairs of off season. . because most of the times they are assigned to participate in the fairs which are in off season. there must be a concession to the charges. • Most of the participants are not satisfied with the charges they have to pay for participating in the fairs.rather than in local market because they get the right price for their products only in NEDFi haat. At that time the no. of customers visiting NEDFi haat is less and their sales goes down. They said that in last two years the charges goes up relatively high.

. they are unable to display all of their products to customers. but yet some of them said that . due to lack of space in stalls. • Almost all of the participants said that they think NEDFi haat helps them to promote their products. but some of them said they are not willing to because of the increasing participating fees and most of the time getting inappropriate time slots.• Most of the participants said that they are willing to participate in NEDFi haat fairs in future.

From Customer’s survey• Most of the customers of NEDFi haat are buying products from NEDFi haat for a period of minimum 3 years to a maximum of more than 5 years. • In handicraft most of the customers prefer bags and purses. jewelleries and ornaments and candles and incense sticks rather than other products in this category. customer’s most preferable products are pickles and traditional home made food items such as laru –pitha etc. • In handloom most of the customers prefer “Mekhela Sadar” rather than other products in this category. • In home. .made food items .

But some of them said that they prefer other trade fairs more because the products of NEDFi haat lacks in new style and design and the pricing is relatively higher than the outside market. • All of the customers said that their overall experience with NEDFi haat is good. customers are satisfied with its quality. but there must be improvement in its style and designing. quality and seller’s behavior.• In case of handloom products . customers think that they are most authentic and unique. variety. freshness. .made food items category . variety and seller’s behavior. taste. pricing. customers are overall satisfied with price. seller’s behavior is satisfactory. • In home. • In handicraft.. • Most of the customers prefer NEDFi haat more than other trde fairs because of the available variety of best quality authentic and traditional product under one roof. but they think that there is a lack of innovation in it-s style and design and pricing of handloom products is very high.

• A proper drinking water facility should be make avail for the participants .C machines should be proper.Recommendations of the study From Organizer’s perspective• Car parking facility in NEDFi haat must be improved . . • There is a need for improvement in the lighting and other electricity facility within NEDFi haat • The installation and positioning of A. so that the whole air conditioning system works well. organizers as well as the customers inside NEDFi haat.

• If possible. .• If possible. the rent that the organizers paid for conducting fairs should be lowered down a little during off seasons. which would give a more better look NEDFi haat. the outside stalls must be assimilated with the inside stalls in the main building.

From Participant’s perspective• There is a need for taking special care of Handicraft dealers of NEDFi haat. Therefore the no. Because at most of the times in NEDFi haat fairs where handloom and handicraft items are exhibit together .the focus of the customers always goes upon handloom products. of fairs must be increased where only handicraft products are exhibited. There must be more specialized fairs in NEDFi haat where the exhibition would be only of handicraft products. .

As the no. . bihu etc. of such occasions are less in a year in comparison to the no. So that more and more possible no. the no. The appropriate time slot is the fairs which were organized in peak seasons(during puja. of participants can participate in those fairs. of the participants that are willing to participate in peak seasons. of fairs in peak seasons should increase and the duration of these fairs should be less. Therefore in my point of view.).• Most of the participants complained that they didn’t get appropriate time slot in participating fairs.

the participating charges of the participants should be lowered to encourage them. and space of the stalls should be increased. in off seasons. • If possible. the no.• If possible. .

From Customer’s perspective • The price of handloom products should be lowered and more innovation in style and designing should be introduced. • In handicraft . designs and trends of manufacturing should be modernized. . • The exhibition of traditional and home -made food items should be done in a large scale. • The pricing of the products should be lower down and more innovative design and styles should be introduced to compete with other trade fairs. the styles.

CONCLUSION NEDFi haat is a platform for the unorganized sectors of the region .e. But still there is a need of some changes to be made to ensure better fulfillment of the objectives. or need to be taken special care. The main objective of NEDFi haat is to promote and market their products to ensure their maximum welfare and encourage the whole unorganized sector. Till now. craftsmen and the people involved in making other ethnic and traditional items. NEDFi haat had achieved its objectives up to a satisfactory extent. .or an improvement. i. From the whole study I had find out the following areas which needs either a change . the weavers.

if possible . Most of the time participants who gets the outside stalls feels like getting neglected and thinks that as they are paying almost a equal fees for participating in fair.the outside stalls must be assimilated with the main building. Therefore .• The first area that need some changes is the building. in my point of view. to ensure maximum satisfaction if the participants. so they have the right to get the same facilities as well as the inside stalls. . Moreover it will increase the overall space of NEDFi haat and give the place a more better gorgeous look. NEDFi haat is composites of 26 fabricated inside stalls and a open space outside the building to place temporary stalls during fairs.

.• The charges that have to be paid by organizers and participants for conducting and participating in fair. should be lowered and if possible there should be concession in those charges during off seasons. more innovations in design and styles should be implemented in handicrafts and more no. • This study also reveals that. in comparison to handloom and food items. the growth in the income level of the unorganized sector involved in handicraft manufacturing is less. of handicraft fairs should be organized at NEDFi haat. Therefore . if possible .

of fairs should be increased and the duration of fairs should be decreased and in each of the fairs the participants must be different. The study reveals that most of the participants wants to participate in peak seasons only.• The most important matter is the assigning appropriate time slot ( during peak seasons like.) to the participants for participating in the fairs. of participants would get the chance and customers would get a large variety of products. puja etc. the no. of participants are more . By this way maximum no. bihu. to tackle the current situation I recommend that during peak seasons. But as the space is limited in NEDFi haat and no. .

because customers satisfaction level regarding this category of product is very high.• For handloom products. the main problem is its inflexible pricing policy and lack of innovation in its style and design.regarding handloom products should be taken seriously. Mostly.made food products should be done at NEDFi haat in a large scale. These matters .. . • The fair of home. the prices should be lowered.

.C machines inside NEDFi haat • Drinking water facility inside NEDFi haat.Some of the other sectors that has been taken care of are• Car parking facility • Electricity facility • A.

the platform known as NEDFi haat. NEDFi haat created more employment opportunities in unorganized sectors and raised the income level of the unorganized sectors of the region by providing them a proper platform for promoting and marketing of their products.along with the fair organizers and customers. weavers and the other people associated with it . from the whole study .But above all. .it has been clearly understood that . which has been created for marketing and promoting products of unorganized sectors is now become most popular exhibition ground among the craftmen.

other than NEDFi haat. of participants. . For experimental basis. in a large scale. On the basis of the response of customers and the total sales of the participants . of participants. This feasibility is indicated by lack of enough space in the present one and the increasing no.This study also reveals the feasibility of establishing another NEDFi haat within Guwahati. At least there should be a space available to NEDFi . NEDFi can organize a fair in a hired ground within Guwahati. having maximum no. having same locational advantage as the present one. appropriate decision can be taken. to conduct fairs in peak seasons. even on a temporary basis.