 Cebu – steamer which brought Rizal to


Father Pablo Pastells

Father Antonio Obach

 “That Rizal publically retract his errors concerning religion and make statements that were clearly proSpanish against revolution.
 “That he perform the church rites and make a general confession of his past life.  “That henceforth he conduct himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish Subject and a man of religion”.


1892 .A Don Ricardo Carnicero  poem which Rizal wrote for Captain Carnicero on the occasion of captain’s birthday August 26.

 Butuan – mail boat which brought the news about Rizal’s winning in the lottery .

 the rest he invested thru purchasing agricultural lands from the coast of Talisay about kilameter away from Dapitan .200 of it was given to Rizal  P2.000 of his share he gave to his father and  P200 to Basa in Hong Kong.000 – lottery prize  P6. P20.

 Three (3) pesetas – amount Rizal allotted for lottery tickets every month .

 “This was his first Vice” – commented Wenceslao E. his first Spanish biographer and former enemy . Retana.

 The debate started when Pastells sent Rizal a book by Sarda along with an advice that Rizal should desist from his majaderas (foolishness) in viewing religion from the perspective of individual judgement and self-esteem .

 Father Pastells tried to bring back to Catholicism Rizal by telling him that human intelligence is limited.  Rizal was bitter against the friars because they commit abuses under the cloak of religion. The debate can be read in four (4) letters. thus he needs the guidance of God .

Thomas a Kempis . Pastells gave Rizal a copy of Imitacion deCristo by Fr. Behind the debate. Pastells and Rizal were friends as evidently pictured when:  1.

 2. Paul which he had made Rizal continued to hear mass and celebrate religious events . Rizal gave Pastells a bust of St.

Rizal Challenges a Frenchman to a Duel  Mr. Juan Lardet – a French businessman whom Rizal had a conflict .

Rizal’s favorite teacher at Ateneo de Manila .Fr. Jose Vilaclara.Rizal and Father Sanchez  In his aspiration to reconcile Rizal with theChurch. Cura of Dapitan  2.Father Obach. Father Pastells sent to Dapitan:  1. Francisco Paula de Sanchez. Cura of Dipolog  3.Fr.

Estudios sobre la lengua tagala – manuscript which Rizal gave to Sanchez on his birthday (study of the tagalog language) .

Mauricio and Prudencio . Estanislao.Idyllic Life in Dapitan  Among his family members who visited Rizal were:  1.His sisters Trinidad.His mother  2.Nephews Teodosio. Maria and Narcisa  3.

. and a hospital for his patients.Idyllic Life in Dapitan  Rizal built a house by the seashore of Talisay surrounded by fruit trees. a school for boys.

as evidence of kinship. .M.Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy Pablo Mercado – assumed name of the spy who visited Rizal at his house and pretended to be a relative by showing a photo of Rizal and a pair of buttons with the initials P.

Rizal became suspicious and wanted to throw the spy outside but considering his values and late hour of the night. he offered the spy to spend the night at his house. The spy offered to be Rizal’s courier Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy of letters for the patriots in Manila. he sent the spy away . The next day.

 Rizal went to the comandancia and reported thei mpostor to Captain Juan Sitges (successor of Carnicero)  Sitges ordered Pablo Mercado’s arrest and told Anastacio Adriatico to investigate him immediately. . The spy stayed in Dapitan and spread talks Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy among the people that he was a relative to Rizal.

Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy Florencio Namanan a.k.a Pablo Mercado, singleand about 30 years old who washired by the Recollect friars to spyon Rizal’s activities

The secret mission of Pablo

Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy

Mercado was not an assassination attempt but espionage only.

As Physician in Dapitan

As Physician in Dapitan  Dona Teodora and Maria lived with Rizal for a year and a half. the infection was immediatelytreated . Though the operation was successful. It is here when Rizal operated his mother’s right eye. his mother had a wound infection after ignoring Rizal’s instruction of not removing the bandages. However.

-he paid Rizal P3.As Physician in Dapitan Don Ignacio Tumarong Rizal’s patient who was able to see again after his operation.000 .

in turn he gave Rizal a cargo of sugar.As Physician in Dapitan Don Florencio Azcarraga  rich hacendero of Aklan who was cured of eye ailment. .

.As Physician in Dapitan Rizal prescribed medicinal plants to his poor patients.

Water System for Dapitan .

Rizalapplied his engineering knowledge by constructinga system of waterworks to furnish clean water tothe townspeople .Water System for Dapitan As a perito agrimensor (expert surveyor).

Cameron – American engineer who praised Rizal for his engineering ingenuity.F.Mr. H. .

Drained the marshes to get rid of malaria that was infesting Dapitan  2.Community Projects for Dapitan  Rizal had  1. The lighting system consisted of: a. stones and grass .Coconut oil lamps  3.Equipped the town with lighting system using P500 one of his patients paid him.Beautified the town of Dapitan by remodeling the town plaza and making a huge relief map of Mindanao out of earth.

Rizal as Teacher Rizal established in Dapitan a school. 16 of his pupils did not pay tuition. Rizal made them work in his gardens and construction projects. . It began with 3 pupils who increased to 16 and eventually 21. Instead of charging them fees.

Rizal as Teacher Formal classes were between 2:00 p. He also applied the “emperor” system like that of Ateneo .m. and 4:00 p.m.

Rizal as Teacher  During recess.  Outside class hours. swimming. boxing. stonethrowing.arnis and boating . wrestling. pupils built fires to drive awayinsects. pruned fruit trees and manured the soil. students had gymnastics.

Hymn to Talisay -A poem Rizal wrote in honor of Talisay which he made his pupils sing .

In turn.Contributions to Science  Rizal sent specimens he found to the museum of Europe especially the Dresden Museum. he received scientific books and surgical instruments .

ethnographical.Draco rizali(a flying dragon)  b. .Conducted anthropological.Rhacophorus rizali(a rare frog)  3.Built up a rich collection of concology (consisting of 346 shells of 203 species)  2. archaeological. geological and geographical studies.Contributions to Science  He had  1. Apogonia rizali(a small beetle)  c.Discovered rare specimens like:  a.

Linguistic Studies Continuing his study of languages. Rizal learned in Dapitan: 1.Subanum 3.Bisayan 2.Malay languages .

Ilokano. Malay. Bisayan. Italian Greek. Dutch. Catalan Latin. Chinese. Spanish. Subanum. French.Linguistic Studies  He knew by that time 22 languages as follows Tagalog. Portuguese. Swedish. Arabic. Hebrew. Russian . German. Sanskrit. English. Japanese.

Artistic Works in Dapitan  To pursue his artistic activities.Made sketches of persons and things that attracted him in Dapitan . Rizal  1.Contributed paintings to the Sisters of Charity who were preparing the sanctuary of the Holy Virgin  2.

was eaten by a crocodile  4.Made a bust of St. Paul for Father Pastells . a woodcarving of Josephine Bracken (Rizal’s wife)  5. Syria.Modeled a statuette called “The Mother’s Revenge” to stress the moral of the incident where a puppy of his dog.Artistic Works in Dapitan  3.Constructed a statue of a girl called “The Dapitan Girl”.

coffee and cacao were planted.  He planned to establish an agricultural colony in Sitio Ponot because it was ideal for raising cacao.Rizal as Farmer  Rizal acquired total land holdings of 70 hectares where 6. sugarcane.000 hemp plants. 1. corn. coffee.000 coconut trees and numerous fruit trees. this did not materialize due to lack of support from the government . However. coconuts and cattle.

copra and hemp industries.Rizal as Businessman Ramon Carreon – Rizal’s business partner in Dapitan Rizal made profitable business ventures in fishing. Hemp industry – Rizal’s most profitable business .

 Rizal also engaged in lime manufacturing.Rizal as Businessman  Once he shipped 150 bales of hemp to Manila. He purchased hemp in Dapitan at P7 and 4 reales per picul and he sold it to Manila at P10 and 4 reales. Their lime burner had a monthly capacity of more than400 bags of lime .

Rizal as Businessman He organized the Cooperative Association of Dapitan Farmers to break Chinese monopoly .

Rizal’s Inventive Ability Among Rizal’s inventions were: 1.Cigarette lighter which he sent as a gift to Blumentritt called “sulpukan” 2.A wooden machine for making bricks .

Dona Teodora returned to Manila. Seeing how busy Rizal is. She requested Rizal to write poetry. she regretted neglecting her muses. Rizal wrote “Mi Retiro” relating his serene life as an exile in Dapitan . As a response.“My Retreat” Upon restoring her eyesight.

he met Josephine .Rizal and Josephine Bracken the death of Leonor Rivera left a poignant void in Rizal’s heart. In his loneliness.

.Rizal and Josephine Bracken  josephine Bracken – Irish girl of sweet eighteen who was born on Hong Kong.

George Taufer – man who adopted Josephine after her mother died of childbirth .Rizal and Josephine Bracken  James Bracken and Elizabeth Jane MacBride – Josephine’s parents who are both Irish in citizenship  Mr.

Rizal and Josephine Bracken Mr. This is how Josephine and Rizal met. . Manuela Orlac – Filipina companion who accompanied Josephine Bracken to Dapitan. Taufer became blind so he sought for an ophthalmic specialist.

Rizal and Josephine Bracken Rizal and Josephine Bracken decided to get married but Father Obach refused to marry them without the permission of Bishop of Cebu. .

Mr.Rizal and Josephine Bracken Hearing of the planned marriage and unable to endure the thought of losing Josephine. . Taufer tried to commit suicide by cutting off his throat with a razor but Rizal was able to prevent this.

Taufer returned to Hong Kong alone while Josephine stayed with the Rizals in Manila. Rizal and Josephine married themselves before the eyes of God . Taufer back to Manila.  Having no priests to marry them. Josephine accompanied Mr. Mr.Rizal and Josephine Bracken  To avoid a tragedy.

The baby lived for only three hours. He was named “Francisco” in honor of Rizal’s father.Rizal and Josephine Bracken  The two were happy for they were expecting for a baby. . Rizal played a prank on Josephine making her give birth to an eight-month baby boy. However.

Venus – steamer Valenzuela boarded to reach Dapitan .Rizal and the Katipunan Pio Valenzuela – emissary to Dapitan in order to inform Rizal of the plan of Katipunan during the meeting at a little river called Bitukang Manok.

.Rizal and the Katipunan  Raymundo Mata – blind man who came withValenzuela to camouflage his mission  Rizal objected Bonifacio’s project because:  1.Arms and funds must first be collected before raising the cry of revolution.The people are not ready for a revolution  2.

.Volunteers as Military Doctor in Cuba When Cuba was under revolution and raging yellow fever epidemic. Rizal wrote to Governor General Ramon Blanco offering his services as military doctor.

Governor Blanco later notified Rizal of the acceptance of the offer. The Volunteers as Military Doctor in Cuba notification came along with an instruction of acquiring first a pass for Manila from the politico-military commander of Dapitan. .

he wrote a poem “El Canto del Viajero” .“The Song of the Traveler” Upon receiving the acceptance of his offer to go to Europe then to Cuba to help in the curing of patients suffering yellow fever.

his three nephews and six pupils. Angelica (Narcisa’s daughter).  As farewell. . thirteen days and a few hours.  He stayed in Dapitan for four years. Narcisa. the town brass of Dapitan played the dolorous Funeral March of Chopin. Dapitan  España – steamer which brought Rizal to Manila from Dapitan  Rizal was accompanied by Josephine.Adios.

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