financial and clinical aspects of a hospital.• also called clinical information system (CIS) • is a comprehensive. . integrated information system designed to manage the administrative.

.• a computerized system that is designed to meet all the information needs within a hospital. • the aim of an HIS is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.

and patient monitoring • Patient census and billing . radiology.Included Data: • Patient information • Clinical laboratory.

• Staffing and scheduling • Outcomes assessment and quality control • Pharmacy ordering. and pharmacopoeia information . prescription handling.

and orders management . inventory. maintenance.• Decision support • Finance and accounting • Supplies.

Functional Model of a Hospital Information System: .

the modern healthcare centers rely on wide range of software applications.From admission to diagnostic and medical support services. .

ADVANTAGES: Increased time nurses spend with patients Access to information Improved quality of documentation Improved quality of patient care .

Increased nursing productivity Improved communications Reduced errors of omission Reduced medication errors .

Reduced hospital costs Development of a common clinical database Improved patient's perception of care Enhanced ability to track patient's record .

Enhanced ability to recruit and retain staff Improved hospital image .

DISADVANTAGES: Bad information Privacy. it is hard to do so. . The start up and maintenance cost.

and testing the technology. implementing. Funding for the system . educating. using.Time for acquiring.

REQUIREMENTS: MODULES This module facilitates the capturing of patient-related data at different entry points. enables queries at different workstations and generates reports at required frequency. .

Discounts and Concessions • Reports • Pathology • Radiology • Sonology •Cardiology •Neurology .MODULES Patient Registration Patient Transfer Diagnostic Centers • OPD / IPD Investigation Cases • IPD Admission and ward allocation • Deposits. Refunds. Advances.

OPERATION THEATRE SCHEDULING Operation booking OT Scheduling Preoperative Check Recording Operation details Recording Item Issue Details Recording Nursing Order for Postoperative Care Equipment Operation and Maintenance .

BLOOD BANK FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING •Donors data entry •Investigation Data Entry • Stores • Costing •Payroll and Administration •System Security .

Presented By: Bellardo. Arzen F. Alyssa Gervacio. Emmylou Montebon. Danica Rose Gandia. . Jesha Kee.

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