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Human Resource Management

Initial Stages National Database Organization (NDO) was established under Ministry of Interior National Database was possible due to information gathered through National Data Forms during the Population Census 1998 The Emergence of NADRA To cater for a cohesive and unified approach in both Registration and Social fields NADRA was created on 10 March 2000 by merging the National Database Organization (NDO) and Directorate General of Registration

A Catalyst for Change

NADRA is the most modern organization which will provide base for the better governance of Pakistan and will also prove as

a model organization for Public Sector of Pakistan.

Custodian of Pakistani Identity Reliability (Restoring National & International Confidence) National Information Infrastructure Customer Care Corruption Free Convenience Efficient

Headquarter Islamabad (HQ) Regional Headquarters (RHQ)

Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Sargodha, Peshawar and Islamabad

District Registration Offices (DRO) NADRA Swift Registration Centre (NSRC) Sub DRO (SDRO) Satellite Swift Registration Centre (SSRC) Mobile Van Registration Centre (MVRC)

Administration Strategic planning, managerial evaluation, region Board relations, policy recommendations, administration of unit workforce Compensation Wages and assistance different study , occupation evaluation, job descriptions. Employee relations Counteractive processes, occurrence investigations, complaint/grievance events, labormanagement relations.

Employee services Knowledge assistance, worker service awards. Fiscal Employment resources, departmental income, financial announcement salary able, total package estimate. Health and safety Worker sustains, workers' reward claims, OSHArelated compliance, drug testing, safety compliance and training. Labor relations Agreement administration, mutual bargaining, grievance.

HUMAN RESOURCE Operations & Policy Implementation Training Recruitment Organization Development


Job Postings Job Bidding Skill Banks Skill Tracking Systems Employee Referrals Succession Plans

The first step in determining who is qualified is to carefully prepare job analysis & job description. Job Analysis provides the basis for validating methods used in making employment decisions. Job Analysis and Description make it easy to evaluate & screen out candidates' who lack the minimum KSAs (Knowledge, Skill & Abilities) required for the job.

4 levels of Competency Framework Orientation & Induction Policy Training & Development Policy Website for Training & Development Training Repository Training Calendars for all Directorates In-house Training Program

OBJECTIVE It is process to figure out the employees which are performing effectively and efficiently to get a reward and figure out the weak points of an employee where he is not extracting good results

The process of informing or giving feedback to employee about his performance. To chance the behavior for more affective work It can help the manager to make a decision about the reward job rotation etc of the employee recompense review

SWOT analysis in short form stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. In SWOT analysis we can evaluate the internal strengths and weakness and external opportunities and threats for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Computerized Based Card system: Enjoying monopoly in Registering and issuing NIC Cards to Citizen of Pakistan.. Limited Salary to Employee Largest citizen data storage Countrywide largest database registration authority and NIC, CNIC facility provider to Citizen. Having largest HUMAN RESOURCE To recruit and select best suitable and talented employ to fulfill the requirement of the NADRA Infrastructure and nationwide reach.

Marketing and advertisement Maintenance of database and training. Limited salary to employee

Misuse of data Data loss Discrimination in issuing different cards like NIC, vehicle license, professional and non professional cards. Lack of consistency of government policies often directly affects NADRA Finance and often destroys the progress if the government stop the funds.

Enhances quality HUMAN RESOURCE. Lunching New Smart Card using as NIC, Debit Card, and Billing Card. Accurately completes encountering the population of the country. Become a country dependable authority. Multiple cards to facilitate people An opportunity exists in the form of new segment of registering Property, plant, human resource NIC cards.

Personal files of employees must be kept updated and complete in all respects. Some important documents like Domicile certificate, AAR, Offer/Contract letters, and educational Documents of employees should be placed in their personal files. The TA / DA procedure is not known to the employees. It should be properly disseminated to all employees working in NADRA Headquarters Islamabad. Non salaryment of Over Time (claiming and availing) is another major demotivating factor for the employees. Some of the employees are working overtime 1-3 Hours daily but they are not paid for their extra time. Health bills for outdoor treatment are forwarded for verification to the civil surgeon or concerned doctors resultantly thus reimbursement takes long time. This verification may be done human resource internal audit in order to facilitate employees in getting reimbursement of health bills.

In NADRA, it is really difficult to manage so many issues of more than 11, 000 employees; however HUMAN RESOURCE Department is doing so well in a sense to tackle and resolve various type of the issues. There HUMAN RESOURCE procedures and SOPs are according to the international standards. The HUMAN RESOURCE Department is a little bit weak in the training and support Department. They should nominate all the employees specifically from the regions including Headquarters Islamabad, who lacks in their technical and management skills which can improve quality and efficiency of the work.