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if the normal aggression of two-yearolds isn't handled well. Physical bullying consists of any type of physical violence. and it happens at an early age. at least at first. largely because bullies get what they want. no matter how small. Bullies are made.What is bullying?   Bullying is a distinctive pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others. . It's a very durable behavioral style. Bullying can consist of many different types of behaviors. not born.

put-downs Threats and intimidation Stealing of money and possessions Exclusion from peer group Ethnic or racial slurs Gender slurs and sexual harassment . name-calling.Bullying can take many forms       Verbal taunts.

Prevalence      15% of students are involved 9% are victims 7% bully others repeatedly More students in younger grades are victimized Boys are more likely to be bullies than girls .

The intent of a bully is to put the victim in distress . .

Bullying often done so that adults are not aware of it. and often don’t tell an adult. Victims are ashamed. . and modeling of a tolerance for aggressive behavior Victims tend to be quiet. and lack empathy for the victim Bullies come from homes where there is poor supervision. passive children with few friends Victims do not respond effectively to aggressive actions.Dynamics of Bullying        A power difference between bully and victim Bullies tend to be confident. aggressive.

Research indicates that their self-esteem is average or above average. .Bully Myth  It is a myth that bullies are insecure underneath their bravado.

Most victims do not report bullying    Feelings of shame Fear of retaliation Fear that adults can not or will not protect the child in the setting where the bullying is taking place .

etc. social exclusion.     Female victims are bullied by both boys and girls.Patterns of bullying and victimization are different for boys and girls. spreading rumors.) .g. Boy are more like to perpetrate “direct bullying” Girls are more likely to engage in “indirect bullying” (e. manipulation of friendship relationships. Male victims are usually bullied by males.

or parent to child) Older siblings who bully Witnessing of spousal battering Have been experienced being bullied Have been taught t use violence to handle problems Outright neglected by family .What causes bullying? Family Factors         Poor supervision Lack of warmth Modeling of aggression at home (parent to parent.

Individual Factors     Temperament Active and Impulsive Physical Strength Superiority Complex .

School Factors      Lack of Supervision during unstructured times Denial of the problem Type of intervention Climate Community Building Efforts .

Who are the victims?       Tend to be quiet and shy Tend to be passive Lack confidence in physical abilities and strength Poor or deviant social skills A subgroup who are “provocative” (i..e. they can be both bully and victim) Difference in appearance or ability .

What are the long term consequences for the victim?      Tend to be unhappy child Often try to avoid school Suffer from fear and anxiety Low self esteem High incidence of suicidal or selfdestructive behavior .

What are the long term consequences for the bully?       Tend to be aggressive adults Significantly higher rates of criminal convictions. Tend to be negative and anti-social Tend to model bullying to their children Tend to have difficulty as an employee Likely grow up to bully others in workplace .

Ways to Stop Bullying?       Don’t frame reporting as tattling Provide good supervision Provide effective consequences for bullies Provide social and interpersonal skill training Provide ongoing community building Creating a supportive and inclusive environment .

. It may not be happening to you personally. but it is everyone’s responsibility to help stop it. Knowing what bullying is and what the signs of bullying are is a step in the right direction in stopping it in its tracks.Conclusion    Problem of bullying must be curbed as it has proven to have lasting psychological effects on the victims and lasting effects on the bully as well.


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