Zone left/63 RT

Rules: X- Stalk H- Crack or Dig out OL- Zone Rules Left A- Zone Steps- Get body over ball Y- 3 Step out route Z- Go Route QB- Read out, throw without laces, get the ball out, read flat defender If you dont have out, give the zone, carry out fake

Progression: Pre Snap: If Z is 1on1 take it Post Snap: Read Flat Defender OR Is out open? If covered give zone *************PLAY CAN ALSO BE RUN AS ZONE READ*******

6 yd Read H.6 yd Read Route (Soft=Hitch.10 yd Dig Z.1 Step Drop Progression: Pre Snap= Backside (Take a 1on1 matchup) Post Snap= Nickel Defender . Tight=In) Y.67 Rules for 67: A.Check Protection/ Checkdown/ Find Window X.4 yd Read QB.

Throw it or Hand it C.Combo Draw/68 Rules: Y.Pass set.Stalk Block (or tagged route) A.Stick H.Read Hook/Curl Backer OR Just look at Stick Route Stick Is Open=Throw it Stick Covered= Hand the ball .Z 1on1= Throw it Post Snap.Eyes to Stick Route.Down Block BSG.Go Route X.Take steps to get over top of ball on possible handoff QB.4 Step Out Route Z. drive out Progression: Presnap.Slow Fold All Other OL.

If he comes down read 1 to 2 backside Post Snap= FS Backside.Seam H.If he drops middle (Cvr 3) read 1 to 2 backside If he gets width (Cvr 2) or comes down (Invert 2) Read the Frontside . Post at 7 Steps Y.Skinny.Pivot Route Z.Banana Route QB.Check/Swing X.3 Step Drop Progression: Pre Snap= FS Backside.98 Rules for 98: A.

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