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Type of water:Surface water – rainwater which have been accumulated at the earth’s surface Ground water - begins with rain and snowmelt
that seeps or infiltrates into the ground. The amount of water that seeps into the ground varies widely from place to place according to the type of land surface that is present. In porous surface material that water readily seeps through, such as sand or gravel, 40 to 50 %of the rain and snowmelt may seep into the ground.

1.4.1. Ground Water Drainage

To improve discharge water inside the ground so that water level will always at the lower level and go deep below the surface area.


1.4.1. Ground Water Drainage
The significant/important of discharge water are:III. To improve soil stability IV. Avoid flooding V. To avoid higher level of moisture content at

the ground area VI. To avoid higher level of moisture content at the construction’s surrounding area

1.4.2. Effects of water to the soil
Its make excavation works difficult and costly ii. Workers safety were disturb iii. Work in wet area and not comfortable caused low production in work iv. Framework very hard to install at the excavated area because the excavation work is not align (straight), muddy and etc. v. Wet area can caused water content in the cement also high and the cement strength will decrease. 20/02/09

1.4.3. Method of lowering or discharging underground water level by:
i. ii. iii. iv. v.

Ground water pipe Pumping method Well level/well point Vertical well Geotextile


i. Ground water pipe
Surface water cut-off Back fill Coarse granular filter Fine granular bedding Diameter of pipe minimum (a) (b) Coarse granular filter Fine granular bedding

Perforated pipes as surface and subsoil drains b.Surface water and ground water drain c.Ground water drain

Pumping method
Build a temporary drain from where the water

storage and discharge it into the drainage


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