Animal Husbandry Programme Planning

Dr D Thammi Raju Professor & University Head Dept of Veterinary & AH Extension Education College of Veterinary Science


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What needs do people have? How can needs be identified? What plans for setting up the priority? What resources are needed? How to organise resources and directed to meet the needs?

It is outline of activities so arranged to enable efficient execution of the entire .An Extension programme is a statement of situation. problems and solutions (Kelsey and Hearne) An extension programme is a set of clearly defined consciously conceived educational objectives derived from adequate analysis of the situation which are to be achieved through extension teaching.) A project is as outline of procedure and pertains only to some phase of extension work. objectives. Plan of work. (Legans. J.P.

in which problems are identified. objectives are set forth and action is taken to reach the objectives Sanders . involving lay people and extension staff.A calendar of work.It is a plan of work arranged chronologically Programme development process has been defined as a continuous and co-operative activity.

Abraham Lincoln .“ If we could but know where we are now and where we ought to go. we could better judge what to do and how to do it” .

Helps in prioritization of needs. money and labour To enhance the efficiency of work. . To bring coordination between various agencies To ensure careful consideration of what is to be done and why? To furnish a guide to judge new proposals.Need for programme planning      To avoid wastage of time.

       To establish objectives towards which progress can me measured and evaluated To give continuity to the programme To help in development of leadership To state clearly means and ends To ensure support of local people To aid in participatory development To have written statement for public use .

Programme Planning Cycle Review of progress and Reconsideration Collection of facts and analysis of data Determina tion of needs and objectives Checking and evaluation of results Work the Plan Plan the work Definition / identificat ion of problems Finding solutions Selection of problems and determina tion of priorities Annual Plan of work .

Collection of facts and analysis of situation Sources Local Veterinary doctor/ staff of DAH Leaders . Gram panchayat Records People Type of information Livestock population Animal husbandry practices Institutions present Diseases Marketing facilities Veterinary facilities .

Determination of needs and objectives Need is the difference between ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to be’ Unfelt Needs Felt Needs Better extension programme .

Objectives Fundamental • Overall development of individuals (Livestock farmers) • To increase the milk production in a village General • To educate the farmers about feeding balanced cattle feed for enhancing milk Specific production .


Definition of problems Three categories Problems that can be solved by the villagers themselves Problems that need community efforts Problems that need help from external agency  Villagers themselves  Community efforts External help  .

Finding solutions to the problems Practicable Economical Learning Satisfaction .

Selection of problems and determination of priorities     All are not equally important and urgent Some are less important Requires urgent attention Hierarchy of the problems .

Annual Plan of Work      Prepare the plan of work Directed at achievement of the objectives. Participatory approach in outlining the plan of work . Resources needed -how to procure them Decide different extension teaching methods and audiovisual aids and their sequence.

Carry out the plan  Work out the plan as laid out. .

Checking and evaluation of the results     Necessary to check how far the objectives are achieved. Identify what were the weaknesses or problems encountered Spell out what are the needs for future programme Involve local people also in evaluation. .

new need .problems encountered or lacunae detected. List out . More insights about how to build and conduct more effective programmes. Changed situation New problems arisen.Review and Reconsideration      Programmes are not end in themselves.

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