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Reception First step is to inform about your visit to the service centre The receptionist will accompany the customer with a mechanic Then will proceed to the bike for observations and complaints .

Assigning the job card  After the observation. the mechanic will write down notes regarding damages like scratches and general services like fixing of loose brakes  The registered number of the vehicle. total KMs driven. engine oil level and the bike model will be entered  The complaints from the customer are taken down in the job card .

400) is conveyed to the customer Finally the is given with a receipt which should be return at the time of delivery of the vehicle .The estimated time of delivery is informed Approximate cost of the service including the general service (Rs.

contact number and E-mail ID is fed to the database The job card is passed on to the service department for initiation of actual service .The details of the customer and the complaints are entered in the computerized database of the service centre. The contact information of the customer including residential address.

service type. vehicle model.Service appointment board: The service appointment board includes name of the customer. registered number and status This makes it easy for the customer and the service supervisor to keep track of progress .

Inside Rajarajan Bajaj’s service area .

 Then the actual complaints of the customer is rectified  Incase of major damage or change of parts the customer is contacted for approval  If the customer approves the appropriate service will proceed or else will be left untreated . front and rear lights. acceleration cable. checking brake perfection. clutch cable. The assigned mechanic first finishes the general service which includes engine oil change.

the supervisor cross-checks the complaints and if all are done completely then the job card is passed to the billing area  The customer is informed upon the completion and the exact cost of the service is conveyed  The customer is given the “Delivered bill” after the payment of amount  The bike is delivered to the customer he produces the paid bill to the supervisor . After completion of the entire service.

Billing and feedback area .

 After the customer takes delivery of the vehicle and has test driven the bike he can give the feedback of services in the reception area by filling a form  The form contains the following parameters:  Response of the mechanic  Time of taken for service  Cost of service  Performance of bike after service  Overall satisfaction .