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NIKE: Just Does IT

A Look At How to Combat Some of the Problems Facing the MultiNational Corporation

Shoe and Apparel company $16.3 Billion in revenue in 2007 28,000 workers in 45 countries 500 manufacturing locations Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon

Company History
Founded in 1965 as Blue Ribbon Sports at the University of Oregon The Nike Waffle 1971-the Swoosh 1972-Nike the Greek goddess of victory 1979-A big year 1982-Advertising 1988-Just Do It

Tarnished image from sweat shop scandal Doesnt appear to be socially conscience Doesnt appear to be environmentally conscience

The Truth
Are socially conscience --Donated 37 million to charity in 2004 --Currently doing a charity campaign with Eminem-auctioning off limited sneakers for charity Are Environmentally conscience --Carbon neutral by 2011 --3rd in recent environmental scorecard

Improve companys overall image Further the idea that they are socially conscience Further the idea that they are environmentally conscience


To show that Nike is a socially minded organizationto start new charities, to increase number of dollars poured iinto charities by 15%,to improve employee relations, to publicize efforts through media and advertising To show Nike is environmentally mindedto start up shoe recycling centers, to publicize efforts to through media and advertising

The Long-time customer The Customer who boycotted because of labor issues The Environmentally minded customer The Nike workersThe Nike Family The consumer with no opinion on the matters at hand

Strategies and Tactics

Give a measurable increase to the charity budget Develop programs to promote social conscience Inner-city hoops renovation, Nike cares Construct recycle pick up stations for old shoe and shoeboxes Create stricter guidelines to enforce fair labor practicestour manufacturing plants to find faults Use press agentry to its fullest

Initial plans for programs brought before the board Begin scouting cities for recycle center and for more charities to give to Stress importance of fair labor practices to board

Recruit Nike Cares Athletes Scout locations for inner-city Hoops renovation Begin set up recycle centers Use advertisements promoting recycling Fair Labor Committee meets and develops strict guidelines for evaluating factories

Begin Hoops Renovations in cities Have meeting of Nike Cares Athletes to discuss ideals being stressed Open Recycle pick-up center Begin giving money to charities Touring of plants begins

Continue Hoops programs and recylce pickup Begin the touring of Nike Cares Gmive more money to charity Continue tours Release first line of recycled shoes

Continue all programs Evaluate the results from fair labor tours

Evaluate success of programs Give the most money so far to charity for Christmas Fire any heads of plants not exercising fair labor Report results to press and post on web siite Increase number of recycle pickup stations Continue programs if succesful

Programs-developing, running, hidden costs Advertisement Travel Construction Increased charity budget


Total- $97 million

Surveys Focus Groups Study media Study