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Evaluating Unistats
Tristram Hooley Reader in Career Development University of Derby

About the project

Early evaluation funded by HEFCE. Project undertaken by the International Centre for Guidance Studies and CRAC. 3 main methods Online survey Fieldwork observations Webstats analysis


Warning These are very general early findings.


They may well change as we do more analysis. This is my opinion not that of HEFCE or my fellow researchers.

Provides the KIS to end users

Data drawn from NSS Universities UCAS DLHE See


The rationale
Good data = good choices People will behave rationally if they are given information on which to base their choices An individual pays HE system requires applicants to think like consumers There is a need for an official source of information


In other words

HE needs

There are competitors

Which University What Uni? Push Compare the Uni Bestcourse4me Also newspaper university rankings sites, careers sites and other things like


So what does Unistats do?

Search for courses

Compare the KIS that relates to those courses.

Who has used it?

What did you like?

Not like?
Would you like to see any changes?

What do we like about the site?

It works People understand it It doesnt try and do everything It is authoritative and factual


What do we think should be changed?

Improve the search Improve the filtering (e.g. entry requirements, geography) Make the comparison simpler (less data with drill down to detail)


What we are wondering?

About 10% of the sites users are international. Should it address their needs? The site uses both the KIS and Unistats brand. Does it need both? The site has high data standards. This means that some courses data collection doesnt make the grade and that there is missing data. Should it be made more inclusive? Should the site include more contextual and qualitative data? If so what (description of the university? Description of the city? Price of a pint?)


Any questions?


Further information
Unistats HEFCE International Centre for Guidance Studies CRAC Adventures in Career Development


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