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Available to Promise ( ATP )
By :-Satendra Bhati

suggested repetitive schedules . ATP gives the expected ship date based on the quantity on-hand ATP = On-hand + Supply – Demand On-hand = Nettable quantity on hand Supply = Planned orders. discrete jobs. Available-to-Promise (ATP) is a business function that provides response to customer order enquiries. discrete jobs and repetitive schedules) and suggested repetitive schedules Demand = Sales orders. based on resource availability. It generates available quantities of the requested product and delivery due dates. Given the quantity that the customer is ordering.What is ATP ? Oracle Global Order Promising (GOP) functionality basically supports in deriving the customer order promising dates considering the current on-hand stocks and future expected demand & supply. purchase requisitions. Scheduled receipts (purchase orders. component demand from planned orders.

Global ATP methods Global ATP methods Based on Planning Output (Must have ASCP) Basic ATP Multi-Level Supply Chain ATP Based on Collected Data (Transaction Data) Basic ATP Single Level Supply Chain ATP Allocated ATP .

If the date returned by ATP is earlier than the request date plus the latest schedule limit.ATP in Order Management Setup a latest schedule limit defaulting rule in Order Management. the returned date is automatically populated in the ship date field when the order is booked. .

ATP in Order Management Setup ATP for the item in the order management tab of the item master Also. specify the ATP rule that will be used .

Also specifies time when supply will be assumed infinite.ATP in Order Management Configure an ATP Rule. . The rule specifies what will be considered supply and demand for the ATP calculation.

The sourcing warehouse is populated based on Order Management defaulting rules .ATP in Order Management Enter an order.

When the ‘availability’ button is clicked.ATP in Order Management Check for availability. the ATP process returns the date when the material will be available. .

ATP in Order Management Schedule the Order. the available date returned by ATP is populated in the ‘schedule ship date’ field. When the order is booked. .

Single level Supply Chain ATP Set the system profile ‘INV: Capable to Promise’ to ‘ATP Based on Collected Data’ .

Single level Supply Chain ATP Set the ‘MRP: ATP Assignment Set’ profile option to the assignment set that contains the item’s sourcing rules .

These determine the order in which organizations will be looked at to check availability. If the item is not available there. . D2 will be checked and so on. organization M1 will be checked first. In this sourcing rule.Single level Supply Chain ATP Setup sourcing rules.

Single level Supply Chain ATP Attach the item and sourcing rule to the Assignment Set that was defined in the ‘MRP: ATP Assignment Set’ profile option .

Single level Supply Chain ATP Perform a collection from Order Management .

Single level Supply Chain ATP Enter an order .

Single level Supply Chain ATP In this case. organization M1 does not have the required availability of item AS66311 but organization D2 does .

Single level Supply Chain ATP ATP returns D2 as the source warehouse and July 24 as the available date .

. D2 is populated in the shipping warehouse field and the available date populates in the ‘schedule ship date’ field.Single level Supply Chain ATP When the order is booked.

Single level Supply Chain ATP The supply/demand form for item AS66311 now shows the quantity available for ATP has decreased by the amount of the sales order .

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