LEARNING CONTENT 1. Cells 2. Unicellular organism and multicellular organism

3. Cells, Tissue, organs and System

Structure of Animal and Plant Cell Draw and label the structure of these cell : ANIMAL CELL PLANT CELL MEMBRANE CELL CELL WALL NUCLEUS VACUOLE CHLOROPLAST CYTOPLASMA .

Function of Cell structures Part of cell Nucleus Cytoplsm Cell wall Cell membrane Chloroplast Vacuole Function Controls all activities of the cell Stores dissolved material Protects the cell and maintain the shape of the cell Protects the cell and control the flow of dissolved material in and out of the cell Contains chlorophyll for the process of photosynthesis Contains cell sap made up of dissolved minerals .

Comparison of animal cells and plant cells Similarities : 1. Has cell membrane 3.KANJI . Able to carry out life activities Differences : Animal cell Shape Cell wall Vacuole Chloroplast Food reserves Not fixed Absent Absent Absent Glycogen Plant cell Fixed Present Present Present Starch . Has protoplasm (cytoplasm and nucleus) 2.

Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms Unicellular Organisms  Living things that have only one cell  Body size is very small can only seen under microscope  Usually live in water Unicellular organisms Unicellular animals o Amoeba o Paramecium Unicellular plants o Yeast o Euglena o Chlamydomonas .

Multicellular organisms Living things with many cells Each cell has different structure Multicellular organisms Multicellular animals o Fish o Rabbit o Hydra Multicellular plants o Spirogyra o Mucor o Fern .

Cell Organisation The human body is organised in the following way CELL TISSUE ORGAN SYSTEM HUMAN .

Setiap jenis sel menjalankan fungsi yang khusus 3. Sel menjalankan tugas yang khusus tetapi mempunyai persamaan 2. Sel yang berbeza mempunyai struktur yang berbeza Contoh : .SEL 1.

Contoh : • • Tisu penghubung Tisu otot • Tisu saraf . Sekumpulan sel yang sama berkumpul untuk menjalankan fungsi yang sama 2. Terdapat pelbagai jenis tisu. 3.TISU 1. Contoh : tisu otot terdiri daripada sel-sel otot.

Terdiri daripada dua atau lebih jenis tisu 3. Contoh : • • Telinga Otak • • Peparu Perut .ORGAN 1. Tisu-tisu berlainan berkumpul untuk menjalankan fungsi tertentu disebut organ 2.

SISTEM 1. Contoh : • • • Sistem pencernaan Sistem pembiakan Sistem perkumuhan Badan manusia mengandungi 206 tulang . Beberapa jenis organ bekerjasama menjalankan fungsi tertentu dinamakan SISTEM 2.

esofagus. bronkus. sendi dan ligamen Mulut. trakea. usus dan hati Hidung. bronkiol dan alveolus . penkreas. rawan.ORGAN YANG MEMBENTUK SISTEM Sistem Otot Rangka Pencernaan Respirasi Peredaran darah Organ dalam sistem Semua jenis otot dan tendon Tulang. peparu. perut.

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