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About Priority Banking The need of Priority Banking Standard Chartered Priority Banking HDFC Bank Preferred Banking Axis banking Advantages and Disadvantages

Priority Banking
New in Indian Scenario Identifies Special Customers based on a defined deposit amount Offers Dedicated Service and Special Privileges Integration of People, Places and Platforms

Need of Priority Banking

Identification of First Class Customer Hassle free and less time consuming Banking Experience Not to be confused with Wealth Management


1. Membership at banks discretion 2. Validity of membership for a year 3. Fees and Tariffs charged if membership is denied 4. Tariff Sheet changes from time to time

Priority Benefits Privileged Pricing Household Recognition Relationship Rewards Exclusive Lifestyle Privileges Priority Solutions Convenient Banking Solutions World-class wealth solutions Property Investment Solutions Unique Card Solutions

Priority Services

Dedicated Relationship Team Exclusive Banking Channels International Banking Services

Stan Chart Priority Initiative

Planned Series of Entertainment experiences to clients across key locations Plays 'Two to Tango Three to Jive' and 'Get Rid of My Wife The one of a kind customer-centric platform is built on 3 key pillars: - Meaningful conversations - Total relationship recognition - International Banking services

Eligibility: Hold at least one Savings or Current account, sole or joint, with HDFC Bank. Maintain a minimum Average Monthly balance of Rs. 15 Lakhs across all your accounts (Savings, Current and Fixed Deposits*) OR Maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 2 Lakhs in your Savings account. OR Maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 5 Lakhs in your Current account. The requisite balance can be maintained over your accounts and over those of your immediate family members.

Dedicated Relationship Manager Customized Investment Solutions Relationship Pricing Business Solutions

Eligibility: (Individual/Family Criteria) Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) Criteria:

Minimum Rs.2 Lakh AQB in Savings account (Metro & Urban Branches) Minimum Rs.1 Lakh AQB in Savings account (Semi-Urban & Rural Branches) OR

Total Relationship Value (TRV) Criteria:

TRV of Rs. 5 Lakh & above - Relationship defined as Current Account (CA) & Savings Account's (SA) AQB OR TRV of Rs. 15 Lakh & above - Relationship defined as Current Account, Savings Account & Term Deposit's (TD) AQB

Convenience Personalized Services Services on Priority Exclusive Priority Platinum Debit Card Special Benefits to Priority Salary Customers Preferential Pricing Priority Pages

Advantages and Disadvantages

from Customers perspective

Advantages Personalized Attention Customized Products Less Time Consuming Disadvantages Unnecessary pushing of products and services by RMs

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