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Group 10 Anoop Anantha Ketaki Kolaskar Shambhavi Singh

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Agenda • • • • • • About Priority Banking The need of Priority Banking Standard Chartered Priority Banking HDFC Bank Preferred Banking Axis banking Advantages and Disadvantages .

Places and Platforms .Priority Banking • New in Indian Scenario • Identifies Special Customers based on a defined deposit amount • Offers Dedicated Service and Special Privileges • Integration of People.

Need of Priority Banking • Identification of First Class Customer • Hassle free and less time consuming Banking Experience • Not to be confused with Wealth Management .


• Eligibility: 1. Tariff Sheet changes from time to time . Fees and Tariffs charged if membership is denied 4. Validity of membership for a year 3. Membership at bank’s discretion 2.

• Priority Benefits Privileged Pricing Household Recognition Relationship Rewards Exclusive Lifestyle Privileges • Priority Solutions Convenient Banking Solutions World-class wealth solutions Property Investment Solutions Unique Card Solutions .

• Priority Services Dedicated Relationship Team Exclusive Banking Channels • International Banking Services .

Total relationship recognition .Stan Chart Priority Initiative • Planned Series of Entertainment experiences to clients across key locations • Plays 'Two to Tango Three to Jive' and 'Get Rid of My Wife ‘ • The one of a kind customer-centric platform is built on 3 key pillars: .International Banking services .Meaningful conversations .


 The requisite balance can be maintained over your accounts and over those of your immediate family members. 2 Lakhs in your Savings account. . 5 Lakhs in your Current account. OR  Maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 15 Lakhs across all your accounts (Savings. sole or joint.  Maintain a minimum Average Monthly balance of Rs.Eligibility:  Hold at least one Savings or Current account. Current and Fixed Deposits*) OR  Maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. with HDFC Bank.

• Dedicated Relationship Manager • Customized Investment Solutions • Relationship Pricing • Business Solutions .


2 Lakh AQB in Savings account (Metro & Urban Branches) – Minimum Rs. 5 Lakh & above .Relationship defined as Current Account.Relationship defined as Current Account (CA) & Savings Account's (SA) AQB OR – TRV of Rs.1 Lakh AQB in Savings account (Semi-Urban & Rural Branches) OR • Total Relationship Value (TRV) Criteria: – TRV of Rs. Savings Account & Term Deposit's (TD) AQB .Eligibility: (Individual/Family Criteria) • Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) Criteria: – Minimum Rs. 15 Lakh & above .

• • • • • • • Convenience Personalized Services Services on Priority Exclusive Priority Platinum Debit Card Special Benefits to Priority Salary Customers Preferential Pricing Priority Pages .

Advantages and Disadvantages from Customer’s perspective Advantages • Personalized Attention • Customized Products • Less Time Consuming Disadvantages • Unnecessary pushing of products and services by RMs .

Thank you .