Plan Security for a Command Post (CP


•(SL4) 191-379-4408 •FM 3-19.4 •STP 21-24-SMCT

• You are a military police (MP) platoon sergeant and your platoon has been given a mission to provide security for a CP. • You will have orders; information on the size and layout of the CP (massed or dispersed); information on mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civilian considerations (METT-TC); and access to the provost marshal (PM) and headquarters personnel.

• Develop a security plan that includes all required elements to detect the enemy and to defend the CP before the enemy can move within direct-fire range.

• METT-TC - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, civilian considerations • OCOKA - Observation and fields of fire, Cover and concealment, Obstacles, Key terrain, Avenues of approach • TCP - traffic control point • LP/OP - listening post/observation post • Class IV supplies - construction/barrier material

Glossary continued:
• Provost Marshal (PM) - Commander/supervisor of MPs; a senior staff member • Screening mission - defensive series of OP’S and patrols; provides early warning/detection • R&S - reconnaissance and surveillance/security • G2/S2 - Intelligence/Security Staff section • QRF - quick-response force • DTOC - division tactical operations center

Performance Steps 1-3:
• Determine the number of personnel available to conduct CP security to include augmented personnel. • Identify personnel to secure critical facilities within the CP. • Conduct reconnaissance of the routes to the CP and areas around it.

Performance Steps 4-6:
• Plan the best method and/or mix of forces for security, varying between massed and dispersed CPs, to include static posts, TCPs, LP/OPs, access control, mobile patrols, and QRF (both organic and augmenting). • Determine the number of personnel required to provide close-in security for the commander within the area of operations. • Determine the amount of Class IV barrier materials needed.

Performance Steps 7-9:
• Request the barrier materials through appropriate channels. • Obtain an access list (of personnel authorized in the CP) from the PM or headquarters personnel. • Prepare plans for the internal security of the CP.

Performance Steps 10-12:
• Plan for security of tactical CPs when established and when in transit. • Prepare an SOP and/or special orders detailing duties, responsibilities, and procedures to be used to provide security to the CP. • Brief all soldiers included in the CP security on the tactical situation and the defensive plans.

FM 3-19.4 pertaining to Bands:

Example of a massed CP:


• Main security effort is to provide early warning and detection of threat. • Glossary of terms:
• METT-TC; OCOKA • LP/OP; Screening Mission; QRF • Class IV Supplies

• • • •

Massed vs. dispersed CP Access list Use existing SOPs Brief all soldiers

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