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com. • Incorporated in August 1994 . • HDFC began with a simple mission to be “ World Class Indian Bank “.About • Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited • Amongst the first to receive an “In Principle” approval from the Reserve Bank of India.moneycontrol. www. Source: Mumbai • Commenced operations as commercial Bank in .

Why • Top Private Bank in India • Unique is : .

1.Top Private Bank in India • No. Source: .Research Analyst . Rs.Portfolio Managers and .com.776 branches and www. 1 in market capitalization.97 crores • Coverage of 2.357. that is. • Network of Skilled Professionals including : .Financial Instruments • Quality Control at every step on sales process as well as on the advice provided to clients.Investment options .490 ATMs in 1568 cities.Product specialists • Advisors helps a client to realize wealth opportunities via: .moneycontrol.57.

Uniqueness • • 2nd Largest Private sector Bank . Tailor made Private Banking services . which are : Profiling • Ascertain investor profile Asset Allocation • Proportion of investment in each asset class . • Helps in reducing the overall risk of a portfolio • Understanding goals • Risk tolerance . its basic focus is to provide quality services.

Diagrammatic Comparison 50 45 40 35 30 25 HDFC AXIS 20 15 10 5 0 Total assets Total investments .

62 million) in the fiscal first quarter-ended .4 crore Year-on-Year (YoY).27 crore as against Rs 205.3 crore.Mumbai-based HDFC Bank said on Friday. beat forecasts with a 30. India's www.3 25th january 2013.Net profit for the quarter was Rs 267.6 percent rise in quarterly profit. its net profit was 14.Financial Stability of HDFC HDFC Bank. up 22 per cent.17 billion rupees ($253. Axis Bank's net profit for the quarter ended June 2012 grew to Rs 1153 crore. Source: www.96 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous The net profit was in line with an ET Now poll of Rs 1140. against a net profit of Rs 942. Private sector lender. IndusInd Bank posted a 30 per cent jump in net profit during the third quarter of the financial year.

471Rs.94 Source: www.6Rs.m 208.m 1.m 42. of employees Avg.693Rs.m 276.198RS.m 52.949Rs.9 % .5 % 1.1 AXIS Bank 32m 1.m 274.m 260. net profit/employee Net Sales Total revenues Gross profit Profit after tax Current assets Share capital Debt to equity ratio Return on assets Return on equity EPS HDFC Bank 66 m 794.821Rs.988.m 219.22% 102.534Rs.7 % 18.Brief Comparison Category No.m 4.056Rs. www.m 1.moneycontrol.m 330.375Rs.68 % 21.7% 22.m 0.1 Rs.

www. • HDFC Bank has an unmatched track record of growing at 30% for the last 10 years while ICICI has seen some swings in growth.moneycontrol. • HDFC bank has a niche market whereas ICICI is all over the place. The Net profit growth looks good but the EPS growth has not been all that Advantage Both HDFC Bank and ICICI are great banks but an investor I would prefer HDFC BANK because :• ICICI has been diluting .5 times. In times of sluggish demand ICICI will face the heat because it cannot beat the market it is itself the market. • On a price to add book basis ICICI trades at 2 times while HDFC Bank trades at Source: www.

HDFC Bank Growth Chart .

HDFC Bank merged with CENTURION BANK OF PUNJAB in 2007.' HDFC Bank ties up with Qatar National www. HDFC Bank chosen as one of Asia Pacific’s best 50 companies by Forbes magazine . 'Best Bank in the Private Sector HDFC Bank wins the Asian Banker Best Retail Bank in India Award 2008 for outstanding performance. Source: www.

www.  Uses Neural Technologies for risk management in its Credit Cards and other Retail Assets portfolios Source: www.moneycontrol. which subjected itself to a Corporate Governance and Value Creation (GVC) rating by CRISIL  A very sound and effective risk management system in place to create a less risk assets portfolio.Notable achievements HDFC follows the model of a sound corporate governance  The bank was amongst the first four .hdfcbank.

com/stocks/stock_market/c .com Googlescholar.Sources   ate/HDB_Annual_Report11_12.pdf http://www.moneycontrol.

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