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Unit 50 LO4

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Social and cultural awareness

When you are a journalist you need to be careful of other people cultural differences so that you cant offend anyone reading. They also have to look at social differences so that they don’t offend anyone. Some of the things they need to be careful that they don’t offend are homophobia and race.
An example of this is



They have to make sure that they represent everyone equally and not misrepresent a certain type of person. An example of this is citizen khan. People thought this was a misrepresentation of Birmingham and its people.


They have to very careful not to insult any race or make racist remarks at any point.
A race issue has been in the news recently as a section of Pro Patria home fans racially abused Kevin Prince Boateng in a friendly, and the player and his team mates walked off the pitch. http:// 2/27/13


They have to be fair to all genders and they cannot be prejudice to one gender. You have to be very careful that you don't just make assumptions and generalisations.



You have to make sure you don’t do anything ethically wrong and say that one sexuality is wrong compared to another. You cant have a bias to one sexuality when you are a journalist as you may force your bias on other people.



You need to be careful what connotations that people can get from your work. Make sure that you don’t use negative connotations just because that is your opinion on something or someone.



You have to make sure that your work is credable by using a trustworthy source that other people have used and been proved right. Also they need to have some sort of expertise in this subject as more people are going to believe you if you have some sort of expertise in this field.


This is about how easy it is to read. This means you need to use correct grammar, spelling. You need to do this so that it is easy for the audience to read. You can use subject terminology. Example: I did this In my mixmag


Alternate readings

There is 3 ways that you can read an article and they are: Negotiated Preferred oppositional. Negotiated means what you infer from the programme not what is said. Preferred is what the director wants you to get from each scene. Oppositional is what the director 2/27/13 doesn’t want you to get from a