Tourism session 3

2013 - if you want to check the context of a word

Cabo San Lucas – words about drinking
• Binge drinking or heavy episodic drinking is the modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.

New trends in tourism
• New types of activities/sports

Couch surfing

Zorbing, tubing, quading?

Trekking, orienteering, geocatching?

Paragliding, kitesurfing, parasailing, hang gliding?

Rafting, yachting!, sand kiting

Wingsuit sky diving, cliff jumping

Active Tourism
• Active Tourism is the contrary of passive tourism. This travelling concept is also opposed to Mass Tourism in the sense that is small scale, low-impact, run and administrated locally. Active Tourism is socially and ecologically sustainable.

• Some of of the most interesting activities of a region are only available to the local population. However, the international tourist can have access to them through a "local friend". Active Tourism offers this type of activities, such as dancing, cooking lessons and language learning. It also offers visits to local cultural events as football matches, concerts, theather and art expositions.

Active tourism
• It also aims to educate the human being, culturally and ecologically. The participation in mental activities and physical excercises is very important. • Check this website:

Action vs. Active Tourism
• Active Tourism should not be confused with Action Tourism, which envolves many sports activities like hicking, mountain bike, cross country, bungee jumping and extreme sports. Active Tourism excludes activities and practises that are harmful to the environment and pose a threath to biodiversity and cultural structure. Many activities of Action Tourism are already offered at big scale by Mass Tourism. To guarantee protection of the environment, active tourism activities are carried out by local professional personel and under strict scientific supervision. The tour guides of Active Tourism have an academic degree in ecology, biology, ethnology, arquitecture, history or sociology. Active Tourism is not only a superficial change of image (greenwashing) but is fully committed to its principles and guidelines of operation. • • Action Tourism: • • Active Tourism:

• Although the previous slide indicates a clear distinction between Active vs Action tourism, usually Active tourism is used as a general term for types of tourism that involves a lot of activities (outdoor, indoor).

Typical concepts:
• biodiversity • cultural diversity