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Radiation Units Radio Telescope

Geoffrey Lovelace 04/13/01

britannica. Physical Units – Roentgen (R) (oldest)  amount of radiation to produce Penguin Dictionary of Physics (1977).Radiation Units  Source for units information: www.t.58*10-4 C / kg charge on ions of one sign in dry air s. – All energy of radiation spent in freeing electrons 1 C/kg = 3880 R  Used for X-rays below 4 MeV . freed electrons are all stationary.

activity of 1g radium .Radiation Units  Physical Units – Becquerel  Amount of radioactive sample s.7*1010 decays per second  Approx. there is 1 atomic decay per second  Henri Becquerel: discovered radioactivity through experiments with uranium and other radioactive matter – Curie (Ci)  3.t.

Biological Units  Gray (Gy)  Amount of radiation s. 1 g of tissue absorbs 1 erg (10-7 J)  Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) – Radiation effectiveness varies with type  Particle radiation tends to damage tissue more than X-Rays or Gamma Rays .t. amount of radiation s. 1 kg of tissue absorbs 1 J of energy  Rad (rad)  Radiation Absorbed Dose  .01 Gy.t.

Biological Units  Sievert (Sv) – – – Radiation in Gy multiplied by an RBE scaling factor 1 Sv approx. 1 Gy for gamma rays (RBE=1) Rolf Sievert: Swedish physicist . of Medical Radiation Physics in Stockholm . first professor of the Dept.

high energy beta QF = 1. QF=10 for neutrons Sv.Biological Units  Rem (Radiation-Equivalent Man) – – – – 1 Rem = 100 Sv=1 rad * QF QF = Quality Factor (Acts as RBE) QF = 1 for gamma. mGy  Smaller Units – – . rem can be too large More common: mSv.8 for low energy beta.

britannica.  http://www.Works Consulted http://www. Valerie H. Ed. The Penguin Disctionary of   .

and crimp Center connector Sheath Shield Insulator 1/4” shield+ins. and +15-28V supplies  Soldered connecting wire for ground. +15V. ground For +12V.Telescope Update – Heterodyning Unit Completed  Punched – holes for BNC voltage supplies.+center 1/8” center only . attach connector. voltage  Completed cable connection between oscillator and attenuator – – RG-58 cut positions SMA Male to SMA Male (Connector Type) RG-58 coax cable (specify R=50 Ohm and thickness) • Cut as shown.

Heterodyning Unit VCO correctly subtracts a variable frequency from the RF Signal ~ 4 GHz RF from heterodyning unit detected  Source Uncertain  Metal case blocks this signal – Next Steps  Run Cable.Telescope Update – – – First Test: Receiver. Mount Receiver on Dish  Prepare computer software for FFT .