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Computer In Business

What are the major computer hardware, data storage, input, and output technologies used in business? What are the major types of computer software used in business?

Major Computer Hardware .

Client/Server Computing .

. client requests for service are handled by different levels of servers.A Multitiered Client/Server Network (N-Tier) In a multitiered client/server network.

CD-RW. DVD •Magnetic tape •Storage networking: SANs •Connect multiple storage devices on a separate high-speed network dedicated to storage . USB flash drives •RAID: Can package hundreds of drives for massage storage requirements •Optical disks CD-ROM.Storage •Primary secondary storage technologies •Magnetic disk: Hard drives.

The SAN supports communication between any server and the storage unit as well as between different storage devices in the network . and is used strictly for storage. providing data to the enterprise. and networking devices.A Storage Area Network (SAN) A typical SAN consists of a server. The SAN stores data on many different types of storage devices. storage devices.

Input  Input devices: • Gather data and convert them into electronic form  Keyboard  Computer mouse  Touch screen  Optical character recognition  Magnetic ink character recognition  Pen-based input  Digital scanner  Audio input  Sensors .

then processed as group • Online processing: Transactions processed immediately .Output Technology  Output devices: • Display data after they have been processed    Monitor Printer Audio output  Information systems collect and process information in one of two ways • Batch processing: Transactions stored for predefined amount of time.

.Edge Computing Platform Edge computing involves the use of the Internet to balance the processing load of enterprise platforms across the client and edge computing platform.

Windows Vista.Operating System Software   The software that manages and controls the computer’s activities PC operating systems and graphical user interfaces • GUIs • Windows XP. and Windows Server 2003 • UNIX • Linux • Open-source software .

application software. . and users can be illustrated by a series of nested boxes. including programming languages and ―fourthgeneration‖ languages. The user interacts primarily with the application software. Application software. and utility programs—controls access to the hardware.The Major Types of Software The relationship among the system software. System software— consisting of operating systems. must work through the system software to operate. language translators.

Computer In Entertainment .

Virtual Reality Allows users to feel like they are in an environment without actually being there .

Gaming    Video gaming and computer gaming have parallel but separate histories Computer gaming began as text-only and email based Now gaming includes  Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) Genre of computer games that brings people from all over the world into a dynamic environment where they can interact with each other and experience a rich new virtual world .

in real time. and CD-ROM drives emerged.first fully 3D MMORPG game release . over the Internet 1981 Home computer gaming.History of Computer Gaming         Begins in 1961 with Spacewar MUD (Multi-user Dungeon)  Early computer game that derived its name from Dungeons and Dragons Internet Relay Chat (IRC)  An application that allows a number of individual users to exchange text messages simultaneously. games played over a modem 1993 Wolfenstein 3D – first person shooter 1999 Everquest -.Software gaming 1986 Games for many home computer platforms 1989 Sound cards. 256-VGA graphics cards.

1998 Modern era of console gaming Sega Dreamcast 2000 Internet and Console gaming with PlayStation 2 and Xbox .History of Video Gaming          1958 First electronic video game on an oscilloscope 1961 First interactive computer game Spacewar 1967 Interactive games on TV 1972 Pong by Atari 1980s Pac Man 1981 Donkey Kong by Nintendo and the Commodore 64 (Link Ch 12a) 1980s and 1990s Video Game Console Dev’t cont.

Gaming Today  Convergence of video game and computer game development  Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) Computer games played on the Internet from game consoles and PCs through game servers  Subscription fee charged to connect to server  Big money business Link Ch 12b .

Graphical representation of a role-playing game where a player assumes the role of a character Massive Multi-Player Online Sports Game (MMOSG) .Types of Games          like Civilization and Sim City Action/Adventure like Zelda and Doom Racing and Flying Turn-Based Strategy Real-Time Strategy First-Person Shooters Role-Playing Games (RPG) Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)  Avatar -.

Computers In Medicine .

The Computer Meets Medicine and Biology: Emergence of a Discipline .

 Why is information management a central issue in biomedical research and clinical practice? What are integrated informationmanagement environments and how might we expect them to affect the practice of medicine and biomedical research in coming years?  .

Inputs to the medical records Traditional paper medical records .

Outputs of the medical records .

Conventional data collection for clinical trial Medical records Data sheets Clinical trial design Definition of data elements Definition of eligibility Process descriptions Stopping criteria Other details of the trial Computer database Analyses Results .

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