Marketing Research

Aaker, Kumar, Day Ninth Edition Instructor’s Presentation Slides


drvkumar. Kumar.Chapter Twenty-five Contemporary Applications of Marketing Intelligence Marketing Research 9th Edition . Day 2 http://www.

asp 3 http://www. Day Source: Advantage Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. .brs-inc.drvkumar.

Day 4 http://www.Assessing Competitive Advantage Market-based Market share Recall share Process-based Marketing skills audit Comparison of relative costs Advertising share Comparison of winning versus losing competitors R&D share Identifying high-leverage phenomena Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. .drvkumar.

its name and symbol.Brand Equity  Defined as a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand. Day 5 . Kumar.drvkumar. that add or subtract from the value provided by the product  The Assets Are  Brand Loyalty  Name Awareness  Perceived Quality  Brand Associations  Other Proprietary Brand Assets Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.

Aaker. Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.Brand Equity Source: David A. .drvkumar. ‘‘Managing Brand Equity.’’ New York: The Free Press. Day 6 http://www. 1994.

com/mr9/ .drvkumar.Price Approach  Observation  Customer Research  Trade-off Analysis  Impact on Customer Evaluation Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.Measuring Brand Equity  Excess. Day 7 http://www. Kumar.

)  Replacement Cost Approach  Stock Price Approach  Future Earnings Approach  Discounting the future profit stream  Applying an earnings multiplier Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. Day 8 .Measuring Brand Equity (Cont. Kumar.

drvkumar.Customer Satisfaction Research  Customer satisfaction research should be done at planned intervals so as to track satisfaction over time  Measurement Process  Define goals and specify how information will be used  Discover what is important to customers and employees  Measure critical needs  Act on the information  Measure performance over time Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. Kumar. Day 9 .

Day 10 http://www.drvkumar. Kumar.Total Quality Management  The process of managing complex change in the organization with the aim of quality improvement Characteristics of an organization that has successfully implemented TQM • Continuous training and education of everyone in the • • • organization Establishment of quantifiable measures of progress Formation of cross functional teams that are empowered and motivated Use of formal tools. techniques to maintain quality Marketing Research 9th Edition .

com/mr9/ .drvkumar. Kumar.Total Quality Management (Contd. Day 11 http://www.) Information Requirements  Measurement must be specific  Track the correct measure  Measure the outputs of the highest value to the customer  Measure process and results  Anticipate future customer and process requirements Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.

drvkumar.Total Quality Management (Contd.) Analysis of Data in a TQM Company  Who performs the analysis?  What analytical techniques are used?  Which data are analyzed and at what level of detail?  How are data aggregated. . Day 12 http://www. and how are relations between data groups cross-referenced?  How does the company improve its analytical capabilities? Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.

Day 13 http://www.Total Quality Management (Contd.drvkumar. Kumar.) Managing complex change Source: American Productivity Council Marketing Research 9th Edition .

com/mr9/ .Benchmarking  Identify what is to be benchmarked  Identify comparative companies  Determine data collection method.drvkumar. Day 14 http://www. and collect data  Determine current performance levels  Project future performance levels Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. Kumar.

and gain acceptance  Establish functional goals  Develop action plans  Implement specific actions. Kumar. Day 15 .drvkumar. and monitor progress  Recalibrate benchmarks Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker.)  Communicate benchmark findings.Benchmarking (Contd.

com/mr9/ . time. attention and emotional commitment  Present offerings relevant to the buyer’s unique individual characteristics and that recognize what customers currently seek to achieve Marketing Research 9th Edition Aaker. Kumar. information. productivity. and marketable value of personal assets as money. Day 16 http://www.drvkumar.Buyer-centricity  Provide services that help customers make informed decisions on buying better and cheaper products more easily  Help buyers to buy rather than help sellers to sell  Help consumers maximize the efficiency.

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