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such as individual. . group and community. psychological. communities and in their society. economic spheres and at various levels. by acting on issues that they define as important. Empowering women puts the spotlight on education and employment which are an essential element to sustainable development.INTRODUCTION Empowerment is a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. Empowerment occurs within sociological.

MICRO FINANCE Microfinance is the provision of thrift. . semi-urban or urban areas for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve living standards”. The term “Micro” literally means “small”. credit and other financial services and products of very small amounts to the poor people in rural.

Ultimately. the goal of microfinance is to give low income people (women) an opportunity to become self-sufficient by providing a means of saving money. .MICRO FINANCE It is a type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who would otherwise have no other means of gaining financial services. borrowing money and insurance.

. is elevated when they are responsible for managing loans and savings. both in their homes and in their communities. The ability to generate and control their own income can further empower poor women. Poor women also tend to have the best credit ratings. especially their children. In Bangladesh. for example. women have shown to default on loans far less often than men. Women's status.WOMEN AND MICROFINANCE Poor women in particular benefit from microfinance services. Research shows that credit extended to women has a significant impact on their families' quality of life.

OBJECTIVES  To critically analyze the significance of micro finance in bringing positive change in the lives of women.  To develop a rational base for suggesting the availability of micro finance to reduce the poor socio-economic status of women.  To determine the factors related to empowerment of women. .

 .  Sampling Technique Stratified random sampling technique. & website.  Sample Size 100 women clients who took micro finance.  Secondary Data Secondary data from previous journals. magazines books.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design Descriptive or Survey Design  Primary Data Primary data collected from well structure questionnaire and interview method.

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