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Rohit Jadhav Prathamesh Naik Sagar Khanolkar Mohd. Yunus Ahd. Wafeeq

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Gates Joined Harvard University Dropped out of college to form software company. .History • • • Born on 1955 at Seattle in Washington Excelled in Math & Science Fantasy for computers • • 1973.

Leadership Traits of Bill Gates • Ambition And Energy Dropped out of college to follow his dream. to achieve the most difficult. . expertise were never questioned. skill. • Intelligence & Knowledge Master of his Subject & his knowledge.

BASIC. Windows. MSDOS.  Innovative Introduction of revolutionary technology like. CD- ROM. Visionary Vision of bringing out the best new technology to the world. .

.• Risk bearing: To start Microsoft • Accepting criticisms: Working on criticisms help to improve the product.

 Confidence Was confident enough to fulfill his dreams . Hard work One of the main keys to Success.

Power Possessed by Bill Gates • Position Powers • Personal Powers  Legitimate Power  Expert Power  Reward Power  Referent Power  Coercive power  Rational persuasion  Pressure • Influence Tactics .

Leadership Type Relation oriented Leadership Task Oriented Leadership .

Executive Bill Gates Effective Leader Competent manager Contributing team member Highly capable individual .

• 1995. • Named as 100 most influential persons of 20th Century. .2007 .Achievements • 1986 – Billionaire at the age of 31.Listed as ‘World’s Richest Man’ in Forbes Magazine • 2007 – Honorary Degree from Harvard.

Bill Gates a Philanthropist .