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Sales Management

Meaning . Importance & Functions. as these tasks apply to the personal selling activities. directing and controlling the sales force to achieve the organisational objectives. assigning. pricing. selling activities. physical distribution.Now the term includes all marketing activities such as advertising. selecting.Sales Management means the designing. paying & motivating. equipping. . marketing research. product planning and sales force management. . training. Definition ‘AMA’: –“ Sales management is the planning. sales promotion.Sales Management : Meaning. planning. direction and control of the personal selling activities of a business unit including recruiting. supervising. routing.

5) Acts as a Coordinator 6) Setting up of Sales Organisation .Characteristics: 1) It is one of the basic functions of a business enterprise. Importance of Sales Management 1) Contribution towards achieving organisational objectives. 2) Direction & Control of Sales force 3) Sound Business Planning 4) Integration of business & Social objects. 2) It is an important function of marketing 3) Responsible for effective functioning of personal selling activities 4) Contribute to profit and continuous growth.

Designing and Managing Sales force .7) Win over the Competition 8) Consumer Satisfaction 9) Creation of goodwill 10) Energy and dynamism to economy 11) Increase in Foreign trade earnings Functions of Sales Department / Manager I. Designing and Managing Sales force Managerial and Administrative functions III. Other functions. I. II.

Service Selling 1) Inside order taker 2) Delivery sales person 3) Route or Merchandising sales person 4) Missionary 5) Technical sales person B – Developmental Selling 6) Creative Sales person of Tangible 7) Creative Sales person of Intangible C – Developmental but. require Creativity 8) Political / Back door 9) Multiple Sales .A .

I. Recruitment of Salesmen 2. Directing 11. Fixing up the Sales quota 8. Supervising 9. Evaluation of performance . Selection and Appointment 3. Managing the Sales Force 1. Remuneration 10. Routing 7. Equipping 6. Assigning of Duties 5. Training 4.

Setting of Selling terms 4. Communicating II) Managerial and Administrative Function 1. Formulation of Sales plan 3. Sales objectives 2. Sales Budget 5.12. Sales Forecasting 6. Sales Organization III) Other Functions 1) Gaining Knowledge about economic condition of customer 2) Recoveries of amounts on credit sales .

3) Administration of office work 4) Collection and maintenance of data bank so as to enable him for sales forecasting 5) Sales research (Customer characteristics keeping in view of change in the marketing condition.) – Tracking Competition . technology etc.