The Need of HR

human resource in India has witnessed good growth in recent years and there is a growing need for companies to understand diverse client needs and to be able to offer customized solutions. IntelliAvenues is at its best when it comes to understand and meet diverse client needs successfully.


human resource has become a critical part of every organization. Therefore, hiring the right talent can make a clear difference in the growth of an organization. This is all the more important for small and medium organizations. helps client by providing them the best talent suited to their varied requirement. We also help our clients by providing various training modules for the skill enhancement of their employees.




Why IntelliAvenues

on Client needs-

We always concentrate on the client need and work accordingly to suit their requirements. We believe in providing quality candidates Our fees is always competitive compared to other HR firms in the industry We source our candidates from various sources apart from jobsites. The profiles of professionals in database is most updated one with mostly top management professionals with substantial domestic/international exposure from various along with expatriates We are in alliance with other HR firms in India and abroad for providing HR solutions We have a very active group- “IntelliAvenues” on LinkedIn with 2,900+ professionals

Cost AdvantageTalent


our middle and
Extensive Social





About Us
IntelliAvenues is a new age human resource firm with a clear focus towards client satisfaction and requirement. We are a professional firm comprising of dedicated professionals committed to help clients meet their unique challenges. Our team has substantial experience in human resource, recruiting, staffing and training. We are a registered firm under Ministry of Finance, Govt of India Act.

HR Business Areas:
Soft Skills & Language Training Spoken English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese

Industry Verticals:


Retail Pharma/Life Sciences FMCG Manufacturing Telecom Infrastructure KPO Consulting



Services Offered
Recruitment Recruitment

services for companies at all levels, i.e. entry, mid & top level for permanent, temporary & on project basis


kind of customized training modules best suited to the changing & diverse requirements of organizations

Language –Spoken English, Business English, Spanish, French, German & other languages training Communication Training & Motivational Training





Services Offered Contd..
Establishing Social Presence, Engaging Existing Customers & Acquiring New Customers

company profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


the company profile/page on a regular basis with regular updates on company products , services & news

existing customers on company page with discussions & polls for the products & services of company

new customers by drawing their attention on company page through various promotions, news, discussions & polls

regular feedbacks & suggestions from existing customers on the products & services of company



Training Projects
A A A A

Business English training project for 30 days for a major telecom firm Business Communication project for 30 days for a reputed manufacturing company

Spanish language training module for 2 months for a major Indian software firm
German language training module for 1.5 months for a major German automotive

A A A A A

French language training module for 3 months for a major French automotive company

Spanish language training module for 1 month for a major South American firm
Chinese language training module for 4 months for a major Chinese firm Japanese language training module for 3 months for a software firm 2 months training module for a major business school for French language


3 months training module for a major international school for Chinese language


Training & Cultural Awareness modules conducted for major clients in hospitality, aviation, automotive, tourism sectors



Recruitment Projects

recruitment project undertaken for a FMCG company for recruitment of middle management professionals in Delhi, India

recruitment project for a mobile VAS content distribution company in India at middle and top management level in Delhi & Mumbai, India

recruitment project for a pharma company for the recruitment of some professionals at entry as well as middle management level in Hyderabad, India
A A

recruitment project undertaken for a US based company for IT professionals at middle level

recruitment project for a reputed market research company in India for their entry & mid level positions in Hyderabad, India.
A A A A A

recruitment project for an IT services firm in Hyderabad, India recruitment project for a major financial services firm in Gurgaon, India Recruitment project for a major retail chain in Delhi, India Recruitment project for a manufacturing company in Gujarat, India Recruitment project for an insurance company in Bangalore, India



“IntelliAvenues” Group ( Statistics on LinkedIn



Contact Us
Nitin Kashyap (

Founder & CEO

Head Office:
Office No 1, 2nd Floor, M N Complex, J P Nagar, 7th Phase, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

“IntelliAvenues ” Group on LinkedIn:
Ph: 080 4120 7581; M: +91 98804 02492 E: W:

Branch Office:
Ankleshwar, Gujarat & Patna, Bihar


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