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Herbal Tooth Powder

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By, Group XVI 12PGDM092- Nimmi Jha 12PGDM093- Nishi Kumari 12PGDM094- Nitika Goel 12PGDM095- Piyush Anand 12PGDM097- Pratapchandar R 12PGDM098- R Pratibha


Case Facts

ABC Manufacturing Company is a producer of toiletry products in Punjab

About Herbal Tooth Powder launched in 2007 Good name in rural markets of Punjab Compounded annual growth rate of 18%
Diversifying Herbal tooth Powder Introduction of Herbal Tooth Powder in Urban areas of Punjab


Market research

Unit of analysis :- Users who had bought in the tooth powder in the last six months Sample size :- 500 respondents from Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala Total Budget for Research :- Rs 4,00,000 out of which Rs2,50,000 for field work 3/2/13

A) Will the money allocated for the fieldwork be sufficient to get the desired size of the sample from various towns of Punjab as mentioned in the case?

Toothpowder users: People who had used toothpowder in the last 6 months. Break-up of initial sample survey:


Calculations :Per person cost of (40000/28) = 1428.57 or approx 1429 Budget offered Rs 2,50,000 At a per person cost of Rs.1429, for 900 people, the total amount required will work out to Rs 12,86,100

Conclusion:The amount sanctioned will not be enough to identify 900 users.


B) If The Amount Is Not Sufficient, How Many users Can Be Contacted With The Given Budget?

As found from Preliminary Research conducted : 500 respondents taken from Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala Cost of sampling 500 respondents: Rs. 40,000/3/2/13

c) How would you define the population and the sampling frame in this case?


The urban population of Punjab from Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala and other urban/semi-urban towns

Sampling Frame

Sampling frame for this sample cannot be prepared as:

Population is large No common identification available


d) Do you agree with the statement that a large sample should be taken from towns with a large population?

The sample size depends upon the variability in the population and not on the population size. Acc to the Confidence Interval Approach, n=Z22/e2

It may be noted that the sample size is not dependent on the population size. The variability of the population is also limited. The only variations in the population observed are: Age Tooth powder usage

Thus due to largely homogeneous population we do not agree to the statement that a large sample should be taken 3/2/13 from towns with large population.

E) Would It Be Advisable To Contact General Kirana Stores And Chemist Shops For Identifying The Users?

Yes, it would be advisable.

Most common point of sales for the tooth powder in urban areas It will help in identifying the sales volume and the users of the tooth powder We can identify the non users and the substitute products they use, which will help in understanding the reasons of not using the tooth powder.


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