SOFTWARE TESTING Software Testing is an activity performed with the aim of finding and reporting defects It does not include the correction or defects Static Testing – Deals with the functionality of the software being developed Dynamic Testing – Deals with the internal code of the software being developed Testing is performed depending on the risk of the software being developed. The more risk involved more testing is performed .

SDLC Requirements Analysis Life Cycle Functional Specification Technical Specification Program Specification Coding Testing .

SDLC Life Cycle Models SDLC – Life cycles Waterfall Model V-Model(Sequential development Model) Iterative development Model 1) RAD – Rapid application development 2)Agile software development(Extreme Programming & SCRUM) 3) Rational unified process .

TESTING LEVELS TESTING LEVELS TESTING TYPES Unit Testing(Compone nt Testing) Functional Testing Non-Functional Testing Structural Testing Regression Testing Integration Testing System Testing Acceptance Testing Re-testing Maintenance Testing .

TEST DESIGN TECHNIQUES BLACK BOX TESTING WHITE BOX TESTING Black Box Equivalence Partitioning Statement Coverage Decision Coverage Experience Based techniques(formal ) Boundary value analysis Decision table testing State transition testing Use case testing .

STATIC VS. DYNAMIC S TAT I C T E S T I N G DYNAMIC TESTING Reviews (Informal) Walkthroughs Technical reviews Inspection Testing the internal code using various design techniques as mentioned above .

TESTING TOOLS QTP – Quick test professional(VB Script) QC – Quick Center(Test Management tool) Load Runner Win Runner Selenium(Open Source tools uses Java) .

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