. Greece.Ancient Olympic games were a religious and athletic festival. They hold every forth year at the sanctuary of god Zeus in Olympia. The games have reached the greatest popularity in sixth and fifth century BC. The Olympic games hold in 776 BC for the first time. but when the Romans came in Greece they lost importance.

. race on one leg.One of the most famous legend says that the of the god Zeus. throwing disc. boxing etc. wrestling. The ancient Olympic games were running. throwing spear. He has walked 200 steps and this distance he called “stadium”. Heracles were the first man who called the games “Olympic”. jumping.

храм Importance – важност Distance .    Held (hold) – verb – се оддржува Sanctuary – светилиште.оддалеченост .

1896. Most of the sporting events were held in Panathinaiko Stadium. 1896 in Athens. The Olympic Games were officially opened by King George I of Greece. Greece.MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES  The Modern Olympic Games started on April 6. and ended on April 15. The games lasted for 10 days. .

   The place is for the Olympic Games is chosen by these rules: The countries/cities must show that they can provide the necessary facilities. the safety of the city/country. . The Olympic Committee then considers the various offers. and have the backing to finance the building of the necessary facilities. along with considering the previous places it has been. Then they make their announcements. the travel facilities in the area.

GrecoRoman Wrestling.  Only 13 nations took part represented by about 245 men. Athletics. There were nine sports contested: Artistic Gymnastics. Tennis. Swimming. More than two-thirds of the competitors were Greek. Fencing. . Cycling (Road & Track). competing in 43 events. Weightlifting. Shooting.

Athletics  Cycling  Fencing  Gymnastics  Shooting  Swimming  Tennis  Weightlifting  Wrestling  .

An Olympic medal is award dedicated to the successful competitors at one of the Olympic Games. Some countries are supporting their Olympic athletes to provide sums of money and gifts to medal winners. There are three classes of medal:  GOLD. depending on the classes and number of medals won.awarded to the winner  SILVER-awarded to the runner-up  BRONZE-awarded to the third-place competitor Glossary: Provideобезбеди .

1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals . with a total of 22 medals. He has won 18 gold medals. . After the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 these are the total medal counts: Name USA Gold Medals 1018 Silver Medals 824 Bronze Medals 710 Total Medals 2552 Russia Germany 473 232 376 235 355 251 1204 718 Michael Phelps is a American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all the time.The USA has far more Olympic medals then any other nation. Phelps also holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals.

Torvill and Dean.   Oscar Swahn -won a medal in 1920 at the age of 72.won the ice dancing pair competition. The oldest athlete ever to win medal at the Olympics. They stand among the top performers in the history of pairs figure skating. Glossary: Memorableнезаборавен Among-меѓу . Ray Ewry -the best and most memorable athlete from the very first modern Olympics.


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