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Educational Technology is more than the use of instruments and machines in education

Presented by: Anuradha Agarwal Honey Gupta Meenakshi Chawla Sunita Singh

Educational Technology
It is a System in which machines,
materials, media, men and method are inter related & work together for fulfillment objectives. of specific learning

Educational Technology Software Approach Hardware Approach Technology of Education Technology in Education .

 Input.  It includes teaching technology. process and output. behavioral technology. instructional technology.  Field of research.  .Nature of Educational Technology Art and science. micro teaching and system analysis etc.  Method and techniques for effective teaching and learning process.

• To assist every individual to learn according to his ability. .Objectives of Educational Technology • Study the need of community and learner and teacher. • Field of Distance education. capabilities and rate of learning. • Make teaching work more inspiring and interesting.

 According to Hillard Jason  To transmit information  To apply basic methods.Continuous.  To contribute in the field of feedback... .  To co-operate in the attainment of specific skills and proficiency.

 To permit students for limited response and  . According to Mackenzie  To transmit maximum number of information to student.  To teach maximum students with developed learning material..Continuous.  To provide maximum suitable opportunities for independent study..

.  It implies the use of mechanical materials and equipments to education.Hardware Approach  It is the application of physical science and engineering principles to education.

Continuous... Tape recorder Teaching machines Electronic video-tapes Close television(CCTV) Books Charts circuit .

.. Computer and Projector .Continuous.

Continuous.. • It Utilize the product of software • Human Knowledge has three aspect Preservation Transmission or Expansion Development ..

• It is the application of learning psychology principles for the production and utilization of software techniques. .Software Approach • It is based on the behavioral science and psychology of learning.

 Evaluation tools. ..Continuous. etc. Teaching models.. Method of teaching Learning material. Chalk Work Teaching strategies. Programmed instruction.

it helps in the production of various Software materials which are used for developing the hardware appliances.Continuous. • Sometimes referred to as teaching technology. • It does not provide direct services to its users. .. Instead.. instructional technology and behavioral technology.

Projector. . CCTV. books. Programmed instruction. Radio. Teaching models. etc.Comparison between hardware approach and software approach Point of comparison Approach Belief Objective Components Hardware Approach Product oriented Software Approach Process oriented and Principal of engineering and Behavioral science physical science psychology of learning Mechanization of education Tape recorder. Evaluation tools. Learning material. Behavior modification Chalkwork Teaching strategies. computer. charts. Teaching machines. electronic video tap etc.

Continuous. Point of comparison Nature Hardware Approach External Software Approach Internal It deals with Interlinked Helps in Various aids and machines One is depend on other Principles and laws Making the teaching more and Helps in clarifying more effective in order to objectives. the teaching better learning . task analysis for achieve objectives...

System Analysis Approach  It has three main aspect Process Input Output Act as a link between hardware and software. management. industry and teaching etc scientifically and systematically.  Use for studying problems related to educational administration.  .

Scope of Educational Technology Educational Technology Objectives Teaching Learning Material Teaching Learning Process Teaching Learning Strategies Improvement .

Continuous. Educational Technology Development of Curriculum Audio Visual Aids Subsystem of Education Hardware and Software Feed back ...

For this view . and to effect development of life and working system of the primary schools. and to effect development of mind. the importance of educational technology is proved by itself. body and soul of a child in the best possible and all round manner. The first objective of education is to bring about revolutionary changes in the entire life and working system of the primary schools. .Utility of educational technology  Kothari Commission(1966) Much attention has paid in India in the last few years to infuse life in class study in schools and the techniques for authenticating them.

Improved student writing Subject made easier to learn.Continuous. Student motivation. Wide participation.       Easy to access course material.. .. Differentiation instruction.

Conclusion Hardware approach Chalkboard Overhead projector Slide projector VCR and monitor Computer Audio recorder Blank paper Software approach Chalkwork Transparencies Slides Video programme Computer programme Recorded material Written material .

Conclusion .